Happily solitary

I caught up with Madam G this afternoon for some gossip and McDonald’s. I ordered a cheese burger, small fries and a chocolate shake. All bad things in moderation, right?

After we grabbed our meals and sat down G started filling me in on everything that was happening with her lately such as the house she was sharing with her BFF and her family being put on the market and how she’s not sure whether she wants to continue living with them. I had noticed she was kind of upset and raging when I picked her up so I just chilled and let her vent her frustrations.

“I thought we were all going to look at this house together but then they went without me. I’m sick of being left out.”

I nodded sympathetically and chewed on my fries. G is known to get upset quite easily, sensitive I think the word is, but I could immediately see the situation was just a miscommunication and I said as much.

“Maybe I’m just better off living alone again…” She sulked in reply and I pointed out how expensive that was.

I fall naturally into a neutral position when people get pissed off. If I can, I try to defuse the situation. Not because I can’t stand arguments but because none of us are perfect and we all have bad days so why be judged solely on trivial crap, you know?

After chewing the fat for another hour or so I dropped G off and headed home. It was nice to catch up in person instead of via text message but I’m glad that our friendship is so low maintenance that we don’t need to hang out in person more than a couple of times a month for it to work. Of course we text a lot but texting doesn’t take up a great deal of time.

I know that statement is a contradiction to one of my earlier posts about how I would love to have more close, female friends to hang with, do shopping trips with and go away on girlie weekends. Unfortunately those sorts of friendships need time and devotion to manifest and bloom and all my spare time is given to my family, our house, my hobbies (book reading, go karting) and my studies. I think anything more would just overwhelm and depress me.

In the end I don’t actually mind so much that I don’t have a great crowd of friends which I see others my age do because I’ve never been a social butterfly nor do I want to be. And being alone has taught me to observe people more and really understand what kind of people they are, to find enjoyment in the simple things and to be humble about all the great things I have in my life.

In a nut shell, I’m low on close friends but I’m still happy and that’s enough for me.


Things iLoved about December


Decorating the Christmas tree // Spending free days with Mr X // Hitting the track with our Go-Karts // Making and then eating a ridiculous amount of rum balls // Reading Divergent // and liking it just as much as the movie // The end result of the old kitchen cupboard being sanded back // Unwrapping gifts // Christmas day at a theatre restaurant // Followed by Christmas seafood dinner at home // Listening to music at work via my wireless speaker // and also in the kitchen when preparing dinner // Hitting the cinema to watch The Hobbit – Battle of the Five Armies //

Things iLoved about November


My own Gokart // and finally getting it on the track to test run // and never mind that I couldn’t push down on the peddles properly because I’m too short! // Mr X // whom I love every month but most particularly when he knows me better than I know myself // Manual labour // such as painting! // and getting my hands dirty // Nail polish! // and right now my favourite colour is Checkmate // Playing games on my iPhone // such as Simcity BuildIt and Dungeon Hunter 4 // because my inner Engineering nerd likes to build and design things and throw a sword around for good measure

Things iLoved about October


Finally receiving my iPhone 6 plus // which is better than I anticipated // Getting my creativity mojo back // and messing around with taking pictures // and photo editing software // and getting slightly addicted to playing SimCity build it on new phone // Gym time! // and old work outs + new work outs // Saturday morning library time // meaning free books and DVD’s // which also meant finally watching The Great Gatsby – the Baz Luhrmann version // and liking it // even though I wanted to punch Daisy in the face

Why I don’t celebrate the American version of Halloween


1. It’s not my kind of tradition – Halloween, the Celtic version, was about honouring your dead ancestors during the time when it was thought that the wall between the spirit world and living world was at it’s thinnest thus allowing all the ghosts and ghouls to be seen. To trick the harmful spirits from visiting their home families would disguise themselves in scary costumes. Now how the hell did the American version evolve from this tradition to one where it was open slather with “cute” costumes – enter the Snow Whites, Alice in Wonderlands and Bunny rabbits here – whilst door knocking the neighbourhood for candy is kind of beyond me.

2. It’s all kinds of boring – Dressing up in cheesy looking costumes and begging for sweets is not that interesting after you’ve done it once. I would much prefer to embrace the festival of the dead like they do in Mexico where you celebrate the lives of the departed with parades and parties in the street, decorated graves and lighting candles for the dead in remembrance. How beautiful would that be!

3. It’s not healthy – With so many obese people in Australia do we really need another holiday that encourages our children to eat badly? Our health system is under so much pressure due to our chosen diets and that to me is just not right. I’d rather forgo pigging out on bad halloween candy and eat my salad, in front of children mind you, instead.

4. Not to mention the creepy individuals out there – Ok so your not going to allow your children out at night to trick or treat alone but I can’t help but worry about a strangers lacing candy with something not so nice and someone ending up sick over it. Plus I was always taught not to accept lollies from people I didn’t know and here is a holiday that encourages it – how backward!

5. It is commercial – So you want to celebrate this kind of halloween then you first need to get yourself a Costume ($$), and some Candy ($) for those kiddies and of course you have to make the house look as scary for those visitors so better get some decorations for the house ($$$). Granted you could make it all yourself but who the hell has those kind of supplies just laying around? It’s money getting spent either way and I personally would rather spend it on other things.

Which would you rather celebrate – American Halloween or Festival of the dead?


This Saturday marks the second weekend that Mr X and I will spend apart. Last weekend it was because he needed to collect some furniture and tools from his parents place, a 5hr drive away so he stayed there 2 nights for visits, and this weekend it’s because he’s carrying out vertical rescue training at the beach. I’m just thankful that it’s only day trips and not an overnight stay because Mr X and I just don’t do nights apart very well. It feels completely wrong to both of us and when it occurs I’m forever falling asleep in front of the TV just because I don’t wish to go to bed without him there.

Upon him returning last Monday afternoon, after 3 days and 2 nights apart, Mr X made a beeline for me once he parked the car and enveloped me into his arms.

“Never again my love. Next time you are coming with me!”

I remembered my heart fluttering in my chest as I hugged him back.

“No,  never again. It’s not the same here without you here…”

We are seriously that soppy IRL but we keep our corny banter on the down low most of the time so we aren’t pointed out as “that couple”. You know the people I’m referring to, the ones who call each other love nicks whilst blowing one another kisses. Yeah, not us.

Everyday I count my blessings in being in this relationship though because for one, I’ve never been this compatible with any other guy and two, I’ve never been with someone so tolerant of me. I wouldn’t classify myself as a high maintenance girlfriend but I do have a temper and sometimes my mouth does get the better of me. Mr X however has grown accustomed to these little outbursts of mine and understands that sometimes I need to vent or just win an argument. I guess that is what you do when you love someone. You take the good along with the bad and they do the same.

Mr X has two more lots of weekend vertical rescue training to do over the next month and I guess that is how I’ll view them, the bad that you take along with the good. Still, it sucks!

5 things I don’t like that everyone else loves



1. Smoothies – I like fruit. I like mixing yogurt and fruit but the whole adding crushed ice and blending it just seems oh so wrong to me.

2. Beer – Have never been nor will I ever be a beer drinker. Smells and tastes most feral.

3. Swimming in the ocean – Between the sand, the sea lice and the risk of getting eaten by a shark I much prefer to avoid taking a dip

4. S’mores – Been there, tasted that and did not at all like it.

5. The word cray – Granted that cray is not even a word it seems to of found its way into people’s vocabulary. You are one letter off saying the actual word so why is this even used?

Things iLoved about September



Warmer weather!// and a change of wardrobe // which means pairing my short denim shorts with my Doc 1460’s// and looking good whilst doing it // Finishing up CAD assignments // but not before learning a tonne of stuff that I’ll find useful later // More episodes of Outlander // and loving the chemistry between Claire and Jamie // and having a new appreciation of being a woman in this era // Honey soy chicken kebabs with a side of jasmine rice // because they taste so delicious! // and don’t leave me feeling bloated // H2O // cause that stuff is great for your complexion // and incense sticks // sandalwood and fresh linen are lovely smells after spring cleaning the house