Plan B

As another year ended and a new one began my thoughts turned to my studies and which subject I should sign up for next. 

Last year I thought I’d sign up for two,  Engineering Statistics and Mechanical Analysis, because I was ready to take on the extra work load both physically and mentally, but then Mr X’s work place decided to down size their work force (he kept his job but many others didn’t) and then our dog got cancerous tumours removed (and she has to go back because theyre not happy with the margin they got on one of the three) and after that I kinda thought less about completing extra subjects and more about securing work for Mr X in the event things went South. I know I could manage the bills in a worse case scenario but I’d rather not do so for too long. We both like our spare cash and it keeps for a happy relationship if we have some.

“Hey, I know we’ve discussed it before but I really think you should get your electrical license. Not so much to bring in extra money but just encase your job ever gets made redundant.”

Even when my body lays dormat my mind is always switched on, thinking and planning, planning and thinking. The boyfriend knows when I’m doing as much and often reads my face before I announce my thoughts aloud. It’s pretty cool how he does that. I guess he really does know me.

“I’ve been thinking about it as well actually and asking my boss about what’s involved in getting your license. He focuses mostly on installing aircon’s and whatnot but I think I’d like to concentrate on industrial work if I was to work for myself. Much more interesting then commercial stuff. Worth more money.”

As Mr X spoke I couldn’t help but do a little happy step/jump and grin at him adoringly. Just when I think I’m the only one whose thinking ahead about our future, out of his mouth pops this.

“Well I’ll help you pay for it and I’ll do all the books for the business when you need me to. ” 

My words made Mr X smile and he reached around me and hugged me tight. I’m fairly generous when it comes to this man but that is what girlfriends do and besides, he is definitely worth it.

“Ok, it’s settled then. Plan B.”

Mr X could only grin at me in reply.


Over it time

I did an extra on Saturday and instantly regretted it. Normally I work Monday to Friday, 40 hours a week and then enjoy the weekends off but Saturday was the first day of shutdown and the Engineer indicated he wanted all hands on deck so I obeyed only to find out some other ppl, who had their hours up already, ignored the request and didn’t show up. 

I already had my hours up as well but like a good little lemming I showed up anyway because when the Engineer indicates he would like something what he really means is if you don’t make an effort, then he will be disappointed in you. For a very long time.

And I think I’m still dealing with a lot of that “disappointment” when I couldn’t work after the storm because I was too sick to make the training session so I’ve been lying low and trying to not fight against the grain but I think I’ve gotten to a stage now where I’m not interested in working extra hours anymore. I’ve gotten used to living on what my 40 hours provides and I’m ok with that.

So getting out of bed at 4am on a Saturday was hard. And annoying. Not because of missing out on extra couple hours of sleep but because I missed spending extra time with Mr X  and Master Z and having a break from my job. 

Thank heck I’ve only to work two more before its back to the normal grind. 

Easily pleased

“Do you think they’ll give us Christmas gift cards this year? It’s the last week of work and I haven’t heard anything. How about you?”

I was walking back to the Engineers office when I spied one of the female production workers whom I say hi to every now and again walking back to her station. Although I’ve been with the company for over ten years now, I’m still as shy as fuck around people I see everyday and find it hard to get past the hellos and how are you’s, even now.

“Actually we were talking about this yesterday and usually we get something by now, so you haven’t got anything either?”

“Nope. Nothing.  I haven’t even heard anything about it. Maybe they can’t afford it after all the gift cards we got after the cyclone.”

“Yeah. That must be it.”

I was a little disappointed after hearing this because normally I’d use mine to buy a couple of movies or some books I wanted. Already I was eyeing off a nice set of JRR Tolkien books, if Santa failed to leave them under the tree, and sure I could afford to get them anyway but that wasn’t the point. Most of the time I work hard without any recognition for it nor does my boss give us gifts. This gift card was the only recognition we received from the company personally and I damn well wanted it.

“So about those gift cards, apparently they are giving them out.” Said the Engineer as he handed the Maintenance Supervisor his before going into a spiel of how nice the card was that accompanied them.

“…Here’s yours R but not sure when they are handing out the others however..”

Which made me scowl on the outside, because I had to wait, but on the inside I was doing a little happy dance because free gift card equals free books and free books equal happiness. 

Or at least they do in my world.

Deck the halls

I’m not sure why but I’m a little excited about Christmas this year. Not so much the presents part (though I’m not going to pass those babies up!) but I’m really looking forward to getting our tree up and doing a decent job of decorating it.

Normally I just throw the lights, tinsels and ornaments on, neatly of course, and tweak it a bit at the end but this year I want to make a bit of an effort so out with the multi-coloured trimmings and in with the red ribbon and silver baubles. I got wired edge ribbon and everything so I’m ready to rock and roll.

“Do you think we could get the wall plastered this weekend? I’m hoping to set up the tree just over here …”

Mr X sighed aloud, glancing at the spot I was referring to and shrugged his shoulders.

“Yes my love, I’ll get it done.”

But of course in true Mr X fashion he didn’t get around to plastering the wall neither Saturday nor Sunday but instead left it to Monday afternoon and if you know anything about plastering, you will know that it takes time. Not so much work time but drying time. 

So I had hoped to do the tree on the 1st of December, to be traditional and all that jazz, but due the lateness of the wall getting done I’ll be lucky to have it done before the weekend. I’m not too bothered though because the longer it takes, the more time I’ve got to shop for any additions for the tree. Like fake snow . Where the hell does one get that these days? 

Dream a little dream

After receiving my overall grade for my Maths course and realising I would not need to repeat any of it, an enormous sense of relief swept over me. If I had of failed that exam and been given a chance to resit it (yep, not everyone gets that option), I would have been doing so a week before Christmas which in my opinion would of sucked. Not to mention resitting an exam again and dealing with exam nerves again. Double suck. Thank heck that’s not happening. Now I get to pass go and collect two hundred dollars. Or something like that.

“I passed, I passed!”

I yelled, bounding out of bed at 4:30 in the morning, surprising Mr X in the kitchen, making his lunch.

“Well done my sweet. I know you’ve been feeling anxious about it.” Kissing me on the forehead, hugging me tight.

“I actually thought it was wishful thinking because I dreamt looking up my results and finding out I’d passed, that’s why I’m awake, but then I checked the Uni website to find it actually happened, amazing huh?!”

This is not the first time I’ve had true dreams like this but it’s been awhile since it’s happened. I have no idea how or why but it sure is super cool when it has a positive ending like this instead of dreaming a guy has cheated on you and finding out its true.

“See, you had nothing to worry about after all. All that worry for nothing.”

“Oh I certainly did because I know I flubbed it but lately I’ve been feeling a tiny bit hopeful about the exam and then I just felt like I’d be okay after all. And thank heck too because now I don’t have to resit that exam! Hell yeah!”


After I’d sulked about my Maths exam over the weekend and spent a sufficient amount of time moping about it, I finally put it aside. At the worst I’ll have to pay more money and repeat the class, at the best I’ll get to resit my exam and will ace it. There’s no point worrying about it now although I really do need to figure out how to control my nerves next time. That shit was bad.

“I’d really like to get more work done on the rest of the house, finish those casement windows for the bedroom and do the windows in the lounge room next, what do you think?”

Since we had started this bathroom and seen it all come together I’ve been feeling more and more motivated about getting more stuff done to the house. It’s been hard though because most jobs require time to do them, not to mention money so I’ve tightened the purse strings a little since our bathroom splurge to build up the bank again but maintenance to the house unfortunately won’t hold off forever so I’m focusing on getting  our casement windows refurbished. Labour intensive but cheap to do.

“Yep, sounds good to me. We will need them when Summer hits this year. Going to be a hot one.”

Other than the bedroom we don’t have air con in our house so we mainly rely on whatever breeze we can capture though the windows. However there is this one set of windows that we haven’t opened in ages because the joins in the timber have let go and thus the glass could potentially fall out if we opened them. Good thing Mr X has become very good at fixing these type of windows because it will require them being pulled apart and re glued.

“What do you think of your bit of timber? It’s come up really nice huh.”

I think I’ve mentioned a few times that we are putting in a floating timber shelf in our bathroom. After a visit to a local shop I picked up a nice slab for $20 and Mr X has been sanding and varnishing it in between painting the window frames. I thought it looked okay when I bought it but the varnish has really brought it to life.

“I love it! The colour is very, very nice. Not a bad piece of timber that, even with the flaws.”

“Even the timber grain at the end of the shelf has come up real nice. Should look good in the bathroom.”

I’ve also found a stool to use and funnily enough Mr X has had it all along. It’s one of the family heirlooms that he was given which no one else probably wanted and its fairly old. I’ve already requested it be taken back to bare wood and a piece of the leg support is broken so that needs to be replaced. Should look good when it’s done though and it’s at a good height to leave my hair straighteners on, when I’m using them. Was not a fan of putting a basket or such on the wall. Too ugly.

“You know what our thing should be in each of the rooms we renovate in our house? We should make something ourselves in that room.”

Which is how we came to a decision about the lighting above the mirror. I’d been browsing Beacon Lighting online and most of the lights I thought suitable for this location were between $200 – $300, so I suggested Mr X should build one using real timber and he agreed. We are going to use the same timber as the shelf as well as LED lights to save on electricity. Not settled on a design yet but I have a few ideas.

“That’s a pretty cool idea my love. You sure you want to build something else after building a whole entire room?”

“Sure. It’s time consuming but satisfying at the end.”

Very much so.

Shake it off

Despite spending the past 12 weeks of my life studying everything there is to do with Calculus and passing all of my assignments, I’m fairly sure I tanked on my final exam.

I’m not sure what happened exactly as it’s still a bit of a blur to me but it was like I was experiencing an adrenalin rush that wouldn’t end because my hands wouldn’t stop shaking the entire time I was in that room and questions that should have taken me a couple of minutes to write out took me twice as long to pen my answer to whilst others that were fairly simple to answer, did my head in.

I had no idea I would react like that in an exam environment and I’m still in shock about it because I thought as long as I felt confident in my maths Id be okay after a few minutes, once I’d settled in to the zone. Unfortunately I couldn’t find my happy place and therefore couldn’t relax. Regardless the hours still flew by and when I exited the building after three hours I seriously didn’t understand what had just happened.

“Pretty sure I just failed my exam.” I texted Mr X as I walked back to my car. There was a storm brewing on the horizon but I was in no rush to escape it.

“But you’ve said that before and it’s been ok.” He replied.

I’m always get super nervous about my results whenever I submit an assignment because in some cases you just don’t know how the teacher will mark you. However Maths is Maths and you either get it right or you don’t. There is no grey area.

“No I’m fairly sure I failed. That was just bad. I couldn’t stop shaking and I lost my focus.”

So yeah, that kinda sucked after all my hard work and I was enormously disappointed and embarrassed to get so far and so close to the passing this subject only to stumble so badly. I mean I knew how to answer those questions and the information was within me but my brain just froze up on me. I didn’t think that could happen….

I probably would have moped the entire weekend, (even though days off meant more time for getting the bathroom finished which in itself is exciting), if it wasn’t for Mr X who bought me comfort food for dinner, gave me lots of sympathetic hugs and distracted me with new episodes of the Walking Dead. Even though I’d screwed up the exam he was still proud of what I’d accomplished and that was nice to hear and helped put it all into prospective.

Because all in all that was a tonne of information to process in such a short time, especially when all I started with was basic algebra.

Things iLoved about September

Reading The Girl in the Spiders Web // which is pretty good for a book not written by Steig Larson // and receiving my hard copy (signed by the author) of ‘Fool’s Quest’ // which I promptly read again and again // Demolition of our old bathroom // because I was so done with it // and shopping for new bathroom fittings // and lot’s of Pinterest browsing // and then watching it all come together – though still unfinished! // Getting my hands dirty, removing weeds from the rose garden // and admiring all the new blooms this Spring //