Things iLoved about September

Reading The Girl in the Spiders Web // which is pretty good for a book not written by Steig Larson // and receiving my hard copy (signed by the author) of ‘Fool’s Quest’ // which I promptly read again and again // Demolition of our old bathroom // because I was so done with it // and shopping for new bathroom fittings // and lot’s of Pinterest browsing // and then watching it all come together – though still unfinished! // Getting my hands dirty, removing weeds from the rose garden // and admiring all the new blooms this Spring //


Things iLoved about August

New books to read // such as the Vampire Academy series // and Robin Hobb’s, Fools Quest // Falling in love with old characters such as the Fitz and the Fool // and new ones such as Rose and Dimitri // Getting a hang of this Tech Maths course // and enjoying all that I’m learning when it comes to basic calculus // Watching reruns of Veronica Mars // and Spring cleaning the house // and burning sandalwood incense // Coffee // and croissants with butter and jam // But mostly coffee

Things iLoved about July


Racing my go kart at an official race meet! // and finishing all of my races // Chatting to other kart drivers // and feeling like a part of gang // Indulging in my Nespresso coffee addiction // my favs being Livanto and Fortissio Lungo // and marvelling at making frothy milk with the Aeroccino // Because the froth makes the coffee in my own opinion // Getting back my studies // even if it’s just basic calculus // because it’s still interesting // and it’s still about Engineering // Drawing stuff at work in AutoCAD // and enjoying the process of creating something // And Mr X buying me an old type of writing desk //

Things iLoved about June


Cool weather // which means dressing in skinny jeans almost everyday // and pulling out the ole Converse shoe collection // Wearing makeup // along with my Strawberry scented chapstick // Drinking berry flavoured vodka cruisers // whilst eating beef Tacos – super delicious! // Watching old TV shows such as Dark Angel and The Secret Circle // and practising my Algebra for upcoming Maths module

Things iLoved about May


The spectacular sunrises I get to witness on my drive to work each morning // and getting to the gym to workout // Cups of tea // Best served in my giant fine bone china tea cup // Wearing new perfume // along with my favourite leather jacket paired with skinny jeans // and new glasses // that look just fabulous! // Throwing my go-kart around the track // and getting an huge adrenalin rush when I slide around the corner just right // Reading End of Days // and loving the ending for Rafe and Penryn

Things iLoved about April


Go-karting! // Re-reading favourite books // and stumbling across some new ones // Getting back to my job // and enjoying the early mornings starts, which are not a deterrent to me // Watching the entire Season 2 of The 100 with Mr X // which was oh so good // Cooler days // for throwing on the Ole Doc Martens // paired with my favourite pair of “skinny jeans” and graphic tee’s // Painting my nails for no reason but because I can // Coming home to dinner cooked already via the Slow Cooker // curling up under my favourite blanket with a hot cup of tea // and how lovely my face feels after using the Kora Organics purifying clay mask

Things iLoved about March


Getting over my sickness // and getting my study groove back // by finishing another Project Management module // Lots of time to read new books // and working on house projects // such as painting walls in laundry // refurbishing the pine cupboard in kitchen //  and painting a set of casement windows // Enjoying the cooler weather // and drinking plenty cups of tea // Cranking the stereo in my car // and blasting Roxette from its speakers // Unique jewellery pieces which I adore // and wearing them all on a regular basis

Things iLoved about February


Electricity!! // and sleeping in air conditioning on hot Summer nights // Fresh flowers in the home // of delicious coloured shades // Cooking simple meals // and becoming a little addicted to Tacos with spicy beef mince, salsa, lettuce, tomato and cheese // Listening to music via my Blaster // and finding some new tunes – Gone by Phillips, Phillips, Secrets by OneRepublic // Books // and re-reading ole favourites – The Wilful Princess & the Piebald Prince, Fool’s Assassin – by Robin Hobb //