My must read list

I accidentally deleted my must read list so Im trying to rewrite the reviews I had for my favourite books again.

The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb
In my early twenties I stumbled across this series and fell quite in love with the world told through the eyes of Fitz, the bastard son of a would be king. The story tells of how Fitz as a young boy is thrust into the lives of the royal line of Farseers causing his father Chilvary (whom he is never to meet) to abdicate the thrown to his younger sibling Verity. His life first starts under the care of Burrich, the stable master and his fathers ex right hand man but once he draws the notice of the Farseer King, his grandfather, his nights are spent training as an assassin, in secret.

There is lots more to this trilogy and if I were to explain it all then you may as read the book yourself. It’s not one of those feel good series because although there are some happy moments they are very fleeting. Fitz for example has his life turned upside down and inside out on numerous occasions which more than points out his many flaws. You honestly start to feel sorry for this make believe character but at the same time angry that he allows things to just happen to him.

The Tawny Man series by Robin Hobb
Having read the Farseer trilogy it was practically essential to read these set of books so you can discover what happened to the Fitz after helping Kettricken win the war against the Outislanders and once more the tale is told through his eyes.

It picks off a little bit after the first trilogy (15 years) with Fitz settled in to an ordinary life in the middle of nowhere important with his wolf and his adopted son. It is a life he would of probably of lead till his dying day (even if he is restless with it) if it weren’t for an unexpected visitor arriving, requesting his aid in finding Prince Dutiful who has disappeared. Fitz is quite faithful to the Farseer line and he feels obligated to return however is under the disguise of a solider.

This series definitely paints Fitz in a better light and I enjoyed seeing how he had matured in some aspects yet had failed to grow in others. I also enjoy seeing more of the relationship between Fitz and the Fool even if its short lived.