About Me


I’m Miss Y, self confessed perfectionist who works full-time in the field of Engineering – as a Planner – whilst studying Uni externally for an Associate Degree in the same field.

Other than Engineering my interests also lie in go-karting, reading fiction books with original storylines and characters, taking/editing photographs and home reno’s. Oh and makeup – I’m a late bloomer in this department so I’m still learning the ropes here.

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Not a trillion at all, but just a few.
    If you like to write, and to share, that’s half the battle. Read other good writing, and you will pick things up. Try to express yourself purely, without regard for how pretty it looks, and soon, you won;t be able to tell the difference between worked-for pretty, and real pretty.
    Good luck. Writing rocks.

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