The track pack

Between work, studying, parenting and gokarting my blog has kinda fallen on the wayside. 

I normally hate having such a full schedule because it stresses me out when I can’t get some time for myself to unwind and rejuvenate but everything I’m doing is important in its own right so I kinda have to suck it up and deal with it right now. 

“We probably should head out to the track on the weekend. I need the practice and you need to check your kart setup. How about Sunday?”

Even though I’ve got a tonne of study stuff to do lately, I don’t mind putting it down every now and again for gokarting. For one, it’s good exercise and secondly it’s a lot of fun. No point working hard all the time if you never get to enjoy yourself. 

“Sounds good to me my sweet. Will the kid be joining us?”

“Yeah I think so. His GF is out of town for the weekend.”

“Cool. We get to hang out as a family for a change.”

So come Sunday Mr X got the trailer ready whilst I made some sandwiches for lunch.
We have done this gokarting thing so many times now that we have a good little routine going. 

Mr X packs the trailer whilst I get our clothes and food together and when we get to the track I’ll unload the kart trolleys whilst Mr X gets the ramps ready and as he unloads a karts and moves onto the next, I’ll push the unloaded kart out of the way and into our area. Once the karts are out Mr X will unpack the table, along with the tool box and fuel drums, and I’ll unpack the chairs, get out our race gear and tidy up inside the trailer.

On a race days however there’s the extra step of unpacking the gazebo at the start but when it’s just a day of practice, like today, Mr X just parks the trailer up so it throws the shade over our setup. 

“So what was it again? 10 pound in the tyres?”

The last time we visited the track Mr X was told that he had too much air pressure in his tyres and this could be potentially affecting the handling of his kart. He had been a little weary about  letting them down but once he gave it a shot, and took a few laps around the track, he was quite happy with the result and now he wanted to try the same on our karts.

“I also had to switch your rear hubs out with my old ones and before you get irritated with me for changing parts, it had to be done. Your hubs are missing stuff to stop them from moving inward on your axle.”

Of course he didn’t use the word stuff but I cannot for the life of me remember the correct terminology.

“Well I’ll let it slide this time, because you’re looking out for my safety…”

Mr X chuckled and shook his head.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”
So after a few more adjustments we headed over to the pits. Master Z had the first run on the track with another Junior but after that it was mine and Mr X’s turn. 

“Ready?” Mr X queried, kneeling beside my kart with the starter locked into position.


To which I was off and onto the track.

It always feels good getting back into the drivers seat of my kart and today was no exception. The sun was shining, the track had a bit of rubber on it and after the first lap I knew my kart had a good set up. Maybe it was the lower tyre pressures or maybe it was the shorter rear hubs. Either way I was comfortably scooting around the track though still not fast enough to keep up with Mr X. Of course I’m not hitting the corners as fast and as quick as him so no surprise there but I think with a few more practices with this new setup I do believe I can knock a few more seconds off my lap times. 

“Okay. You got me. I like the shorter hubs.”

“I thought you might. How did the rest of the kart feel?”

“Yeah, really good. It’s cornering really nice”

“Do you need me to adjust the width of the rear tyres?”

“No. Leave everything as it is.”

So that’s what he did and I continued to work on my driving whilst out on the track. I can feel myself getting around the corners faster but I know I’m still breaking too early for them. However that’s all to do with building my confidence with my kart and it will come in time. 

“Well I don’t know about you but I’m done for the day. My arms feel like jelly!”

Mr X laughed.

“I’m going to change my sprocket size and go back out. You don’t mind, do you?”

“Not at all my love. I’ll just sit back and watch.”

Which is precisely what I did for the rest of the afternoon, admiring the way the BF handled and drove his kart. Fearlessly. Since adjusting the tyre pressures his kart has been cornering like its on rails and flowing around the track smoothly. It’s beautiful to watch. Eventually I’ll get as good as him. I just have to keep practicing. 

Mr X completed a number of laps before he pulled into the pits. pulled off his helmet and sighed aloud. 

“I think Master Z is ready to go home.” I said, gazing over at our trailer and seeing the boy playing on his phone.

“That’s ok. I’ve done all I can do here today. “

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