Old is new again

I forgot to mention it but we did finish refurbing that chair of mine and it actually turned out rather nice. 

I was kinda unsure whether the print I chose for the cushion would look okay against the copper coloured frame but now the chair is back together and in use I definitely love the overall look. Mr X on the other hand was not overly impressed with my fabric choice, or at least that’s the impression I received when I asked him about it. Not that it matters. I’m the one sitting on it after all.
“Its a bunch of stags. Your butt will be sitting on a bunch of stags.”
I rolled my eyes at Mr X then ran my fingers over the cushion admiring the black stencil stag print against the off white background. I had loved the look of the pattern when I first spied it at the local haberdashery and my fondness for it still had not waned a few weeks on.
“So you don’t like it I take it?” I asked, not really wanting an answer but asking anyway. Mr X shrugged but before he could speak I got in first.

“Never mind, I think it looks quite fetching and matches the copper perfectly. And besides Stags are a majestic animal so my butt, as you so put it, will be sitting on something majestic. Just saying. ”

Although Mr X likes to mock me about my furniture choices he actually doesn’t really care how I furnish our home. I bought this round storage table for the bathroom so I can hide stuff like the extra toilet paper rolls and spray and I purchased my plant and this trendy wire pot plant stand for that and Mr X just shrugged his shoulders at it all.

I guess it’s easy to like my palette because it is so neutral and very minimalistic but I still like Mr X to have an input into our home as well so I think about what compliments his favourite furniture, such as these two antique sideboards with their lead light glass doors, which will look pretty against either a soft grey or bright white wall with some grey carpet on the floor. 

“Now I best finish that desk of yours before you decide you want that painted as well huh.”

Which I don’t, FYI. But he doesn’t need to know that. 

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