Almost Pretty

“Do you think I’ve done enough so far? I’ve only been working on it for a day and a half and the flooring did take awhile.”

Another day, another project. This one though was a bit more helpful in getting our bathroom project finished by resheeting the adjoining wall as well as replacing the rest of the walls and flooring in the toilet. Mr X and I both took a week off work to spend time together and so far no arguments. However that’s probably more to do with the lack of stress involved with this project compared to the installation of a new bathroom in a week. That was just another level of crazy.

“Look I’m just happy to have the toilet reinstated in the same day it was removed. Overall I think your travelling pretty well.” 

Mr X nodded his head, checking the room over again. Probably summing up the rest of work needing to be done.

“Hopefully the rest of the wall will be up tomorrow but they are predicting more rain after lunch…”

I scrunched up my nose in distaste but then recalled how hot it had been before the rain and shrugged off my annoyance. So we’d get a bit wet. Big deal. Better than sweating our heads off.

“Well I guess you’ll have to cut up the gyprock sheets in the shed. At least it won’t be stinking hot when you do. ”

“Or the kitchen, it’s not like I haven’t done that before.”
My OCD gave a shudder at those words.

“It’s going to look so good when it’s all done. Goodbye ugly toilet area, Hello prettiness! I even have some of the decor picked out and a plant.”

“Really? A plant?”

“Yep. To get rid of those nasty toxins in the air. If you get my meaning.”

“Uh huh.”

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