One thing I’m beginning to learn about home renovations is that it’s not uncommon to have more than one project on the go. For instance Mr X is refurbishing a set of windows, a door, my desk and now he’s helping me jazz up my desk chair. 

Ok the last one is meant to be my project but I’ve never used spray paint on furniture before and I didn’t want to screw it up. Mr X wasn’t really impressed at my painting suggestion but even he ceded defeat when I pointed out it was only pine furniture. Because that stuff is common. Besides I had fallen in love with the copper look (practically been obsessing over it) and what better item to practice on then a hand me down chair. 

“Ok, so instead of starting the application directly on the surface, try starting the spray beforehand and don’t stop spraying till you have moved the can all the way across the surface and a bit passed it. This way you get an even coat.”

Although spray painting itself is not hard I definitely had to think before I pressed that damn nozzle. Don’t spray too close. Don’t expect to cover the entire surface in one hit. Keep the can upright. Don’t apply too much! I think I started to get the hang of it in the end with only one screw up. Of course it happened when I wasn’t concentrating. Good thing it could be sanded out when the paint dried.

“You know, the grey looks good enough as a top coat. What do you think?”

Mr X sighed aloud, looking the chair over and then at me.

“I don’t know. Grey to me means that it’s not finished. Like its waiting for its final colour. But that’s the car spray painter in me talking. You can paint them whatever you want.”

Which is guy speak for I honestly don’t care. Stop asking me.

So after the undercoat was left for 24 hours to dry, Mr X sneakily applied the top coat the next day. I say sneakily because I was too busy chilling in the house at the time, trying to escape the heat wave that had blown over and the BF took it upon himself to just finish painting my chair for me. Mildly annoying because I wanted to do it myself but I also knew we only had two cans of aerosol for the job and it had taken 2.5 to undercoat the chair the day before. Chances were if I did it, we’d run out of paint because my technique needs a little work but if Mr X did it, we might just have enough to finish. 

Turns out we needed a third can. 

“Guess no new chair for me yet but on the plus side, that colour looks amazing!”

“Yeah. I like it. I think I found the colour for my gokart chassis.”

Uh oh. What have I started.

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