After the tree had been pulled down and the Christmas decorations packed away both Mr X and I fell back into getting stuff done to the house. Him pulling apart and sanding back another set of casement windows, me decluttering the house and moving furniture around to allow for future work to progress. 

There is still some work to do on the bathroom but finishing that requires us to now work on the toilet area next door to it. We purposely didn’t tackle this when we took on the bathroom reno (there wasn’t enough time) but I’m pushing to make it happen now so I can get my 1200mm long mirror fitted to the adjoining wall and install our fancy pendant light . 

And yeah it’s all about my vanity, k?

So after Mr X finished gluing the window frame back together and set it to the side to dry, he then went looking for our old back door and whether we could potentially use it for the toilet area. This room has a sliding door which shares space with the bathroom as well but that door is flat and kinda boring and I was interested in something a little bit different. 

“I thought it was wider. Is that really going to work?”

After Mr X pulled the door out of storage and dusted it off I came outside to check it out. I vaguely remembered what the door looked like when we packed it away oh so long ago but  for some reason I imagined it to be bigger. 

“Should do. I’ll sand it back and clear coat it. It’s a nice lump of wood. Should come up fairly nice.”

Although I wanted to use an old door for this project I was kinda counting on painting it white. There are already two different shades of wood in the bathroom at present and anymore may just kill the colour palette of the room.

“Oh. I thought we’d just paint it white again. You know, since it’s just a door.”

Mr X just looked at me in reply.

So I’m not too sure who is going to win out of this dilemma because although I know I can get my way when I want, I’m not too sure it’s for best. In the past the BF has made some really good decisions about our reno’s, against my own ideas I might add, which have turned out rather well. Maybe I should go with this one too and see how it pans out.

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