Plan B

As another year ended and a new one began my thoughts turned to my studies and which subject I should sign up for next. 

Last year I thought I’d sign up for two,  Engineering Statistics and Mechanical Analysis, because I was ready to take on the extra work load both physically and mentally, but then Mr X’s work place decided to down size their work force (he kept his job but many others didn’t) and then our dog got cancerous tumours removed (and she has to go back because theyre not happy with the margin they got on one of the three) and after that I kinda thought less about completing extra subjects and more about securing work for Mr X in the event things went South. I know I could manage the bills in a worse case scenario but I’d rather not do so for too long. We both like our spare cash and it keeps for a happy relationship if we have some.

“Hey, I know we’ve discussed it before but I really think you should get your electrical license. Not so much to bring in extra money but just encase your job ever gets made redundant.”

Even when my body lays dormat my mind is always switched on, thinking and planning, planning and thinking. The boyfriend knows when I’m doing as much and often reads my face before I announce my thoughts aloud. It’s pretty cool how he does that. I guess he really does know me.

“I’ve been thinking about it as well actually and asking my boss about what’s involved in getting your license. He focuses mostly on installing aircon’s and whatnot but I think I’d like to concentrate on industrial work if I was to work for myself. Much more interesting then commercial stuff. Worth more money.”

As Mr X spoke I couldn’t help but do a little happy step/jump and grin at him adoringly. Just when I think I’m the only one whose thinking ahead about our future, out of his mouth pops this.

“Well I’ll help you pay for it and I’ll do all the books for the business when you need me to. ” 

My words made Mr X smile and he reached around me and hugged me tight. I’m fairly generous when it comes to this man but that is what girlfriends do and besides, he is definitely worth it.

“Ok, it’s settled then. Plan B.”

Mr X could only grin at me in reply.

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