Over it time

I did an extra on Saturday and instantly regretted it. Normally I work Monday to Friday, 40 hours a week and then enjoy the weekends off but Saturday was the first day of shutdown and the Engineer indicated he wanted all hands on deck so I obeyed only to find out some other ppl, who had their hours up already, ignored the request and didn’t show up. 

I already had my hours up as well but like a good little lemming I showed up anyway because when the Engineer indicates he would like something what he really means is if you don’t make an effort, then he will be disappointed in you. For a very long time.

And I think I’m still dealing with a lot of that “disappointment” when I couldn’t work after the storm because I was too sick to make the training session so I’ve been lying low and trying to not fight against the grain but I think I’ve gotten to a stage now where I’m not interested in working extra hours anymore. I’ve gotten used to living on what my 40 hours provides and I’m ok with that.

So getting out of bed at 4am on a Saturday was hard. And annoying. Not because of missing out on extra couple hours of sleep but because I missed spending extra time with Mr X  and Master Z and having a break from my job. 

Thank heck I’ve only to work two more before its back to the normal grind. 

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