Easily pleased

“Do you think they’ll give us Christmas gift cards this year? It’s the last week of work and I haven’t heard anything. How about you?”

I was walking back to the Engineers office when I spied one of the female production workers whom I say hi to every now and again walking back to her station. Although I’ve been with the company for over ten years now, I’m still as shy as fuck around people I see everyday and find it hard to get past the hellos and how are you’s, even now.

“Actually we were talking about this yesterday and usually we get something by now, so you haven’t got anything either?”

“Nope. Nothing.  I haven’t even heard anything about it. Maybe they can’t afford it after all the gift cards we got after the cyclone.”

“Yeah. That must be it.”

I was a little disappointed after hearing this because normally I’d use mine to buy a couple of movies or some books I wanted. Already I was eyeing off a nice set of JRR Tolkien books, if Santa failed to leave them under the tree, and sure I could afford to get them anyway but that wasn’t the point. Most of the time I work hard without any recognition for it nor does my boss give us gifts. This gift card was the only recognition we received from the company personally and I damn well wanted it.

“So about those gift cards, apparently they are giving them out.” Said the Engineer as he handed the Maintenance Supervisor his before going into a spiel of how nice the card was that accompanied them.

“…Here’s yours R but not sure when they are handing out the others however..”

Which made me scowl on the outside, because I had to wait, but on the inside I was doing a little happy dance because free gift card equals free books and free books equal happiness. 

Or at least they do in my world.

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