Deck the halls

I’m not sure why but I’m a little excited about Christmas this year. Not so much the presents part (though I’m not going to pass those babies up!) but I’m really looking forward to getting our tree up and doing a decent job of decorating it.

Normally I just throw the lights, tinsels and ornaments on, neatly of course, and tweak it a bit at the end but this year I want to make a bit of an effort so out with the multi-coloured trimmings and in with the red ribbon and silver baubles. I got wired edge ribbon and everything so I’m ready to rock and roll.

“Do you think we could get the wall plastered this weekend? I’m hoping to set up the tree just over here …”

Mr X sighed aloud, glancing at the spot I was referring to and shrugged his shoulders.

“Yes my love, I’ll get it done.”

But of course in true Mr X fashion he didn’t get around to plastering the wall neither Saturday nor Sunday but instead left it to Monday afternoon and if you know anything about plastering, you will know that it takes time. Not so much work time but drying time. 

So I had hoped to do the tree on the 1st of December, to be traditional and all that jazz, but due the lateness of the wall getting done I’ll be lucky to have it done before the weekend. I’m not too bothered though because the longer it takes, the more time I’ve got to shop for any additions for the tree. Like fake snow . Where the hell does one get that these days? 

2 thoughts on “Deck the halls

  1. I *think* we are doing our tree this weekend, which I thought was early – but it looks like everybody else has now decided that 1st December is some kind of tradition (news to me!). We only ever had the decorations up from 2 weeks before when I was young, which kind of made it special.

    1. December 1st has always been the norm here, if FB has been any indication over the years with everyone posting up their tree pics. Strangely there’s only been one on my timeline this year so far. So weird. Must not be cool this year?

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