After I’d sulked about my Maths exam over the weekend and spent a sufficient amount of time moping about it, I finally put it aside. At the worst I’ll have to pay more money and repeat the class, at the best I’ll get to resit my exam and will ace it. There’s no point worrying about it now although I really do need to figure out how to control my nerves next time. That shit was bad.

“I’d really like to get more work done on the rest of the house, finish those casement windows for the bedroom and do the windows in the lounge room next, what do you think?”

Since we had started this bathroom and seen it all come together I’ve been feeling more and more motivated about getting more stuff done to the house. It’s been hard though because most jobs require time to do them, not to mention money so I’ve tightened the purse strings a little since our bathroom splurge to build up the bank again but maintenance to the house unfortunately won’t hold off forever so I’m focusing on getting  our casement windows refurbished. Labour intensive but cheap to do.

“Yep, sounds good to me. We will need them when Summer hits this year. Going to be a hot one.”

Other than the bedroom we don’t have air con in our house so we mainly rely on whatever breeze we can capture though the windows. However there is this one set of windows that we haven’t opened in ages because the joins in the timber have let go and thus the glass could potentially fall out if we opened them. Good thing Mr X has become very good at fixing these type of windows because it will require them being pulled apart and re glued.

“What do you think of your bit of timber? It’s come up really nice huh.”

I think I’ve mentioned a few times that we are putting in a floating timber shelf in our bathroom. After a visit to a local shop I picked up a nice slab for $20 and Mr X has been sanding and varnishing it in between painting the window frames. I thought it looked okay when I bought it but the varnish has really brought it to life.

“I love it! The colour is very, very nice. Not a bad piece of timber that, even with the flaws.”

“Even the timber grain at the end of the shelf has come up real nice. Should look good in the bathroom.”

I’ve also found a stool to use and funnily enough Mr X has had it all along. It’s one of the family heirlooms that he was given which no one else probably wanted and its fairly old. I’ve already requested it be taken back to bare wood and a piece of the leg support is broken so that needs to be replaced. Should look good when it’s done though and it’s at a good height to leave my hair straighteners on, when I’m using them. Was not a fan of putting a basket or such on the wall. Too ugly.

“You know what our thing should be in each of the rooms we renovate in our house? We should make something ourselves in that room.”

Which is how we came to a decision about the lighting above the mirror. I’d been browsing Beacon Lighting online and most of the lights I thought suitable for this location were between $200 – $300, so I suggested Mr X should build one using real timber and he agreed. We are going to use the same timber as the shelf as well as LED lights to save on electricity. Not settled on a design yet but I have a few ideas.

“That’s a pretty cool idea my love. You sure you want to build something else after building a whole entire room?”

“Sure. It’s time consuming but satisfying at the end.”

Very much so.

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