Snow White

It may of taken another week but I finally got to bathe in our new tub and let me just say it felt fantastic to be submerged under water again.

Of course it took a bit of work (and time) to get to that stage such as applying the waterproofing around the shower/bath area, installing new drainage under the house and installing splashback panels on the walls. Mr X had put the brakes on tiling the walls from the start because he was concerned they might crack if the house moved and I, well I knew how long it would take to apply them so I settled on the wet area panelling.

I must admit I was very hesitant in using this product because our old bathroom had it and by gosh it was awful. For starters the old splashback pattern was this horrible green colour and the joiners they used were white, so it stuck out like a sore thumb. Then some bright spark decided not to cut the panelling at equal spacing so you had this tiny section at the end with a joiner. It was horrible.

Anyway I wanted to avoid that issue in the new bathroom so I chose something neutral, such as white coloured panels with matching joiners and Mr X cut the pieces equally for the length of the shower/bath and for the surrounds of the bathtub and it looks magic. And because of the way Mr X built the frame for the tub we now have heaps of area to store our soaps and shampoos on the side of the bath so I’m not missing that recessed shelf I sorely wanted in the beginning.

I’ve also decided to go with a vivid white on the rest of the walls as well as the ceiling, since our bathroom in sorta small. Not only will it brighten up the bathroom but it also helps make the room feel larger than it is.

The only downside of so much white though is how icky it can look when it’s a little dirty so extra cleaning will be required but considering how much cleaning I had to do in the old fugly bathroom, I think the trade off is well worth it.

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