Pit Stop

Despite his best efforts, Mr X did not get the bathroom finished on schedule. I suppose he could have if only the floor had been level to begin with and the walls had been square. As it was Mr X spent majority of the week prepping the room rather than pulling it altogether which in turn set us back.

I was kinda pissed about it but it’s not like it was his fault or anything. Or maybe I was just grouchy because there are only so many sponge baths one can take before you just don’t feel clean anymore. I suppose I could have showered at the gym but ugh, people. As long as I can shave and wash my hair at home, I can deal. For now.

Anyway, so now the subfloor is in, the walls are up and the bathtub frame built, installed and somewhat enclosed. Mr X even started plastering the walls and also cut the pipework holes for the new vanity.

Unfortunately that is where the project came to a grinding halt because we both had to go back to work the next day.

“So how was your week off? How did the bathroom turn out?”

Although I was pretty excited about our reno project I still wasn’t keen on sharing it with the crowd at work, just encase it all went to the dogs. However I had some waterproofing related questions that I needed to ask the Engineer because he’s done his own bathroom recently and thus could give us the heads up on things. And it was just as well too because he made me aware of what waterproofing does to a wall and thus making it a shit surface to paint over. And here I was thinking of doing our entire bathroom in the stuff. Glad we avoided that mistake.

“Well the week off was good but we still don’t have a bathroom yet.”

And I explained the issues with the floors and the walls and he in turn went into a rundown of his own bathroom project and how that blew out longer as well. Apparently bathroom renovations just plain suck. Though I probably should have know that from all the episodes of The Block I’ve watched and those guys had tradies doing all the work for them. We were a team of 1.5.

“Well fingers crossed we at least have a bath by the weekend.”

Or I’m so booking into a motel for the night so I can bath like a human again.

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