Reality bites

When Mr X first agreed to use his week off to renovate our bathroom I started to seriously run ideas though my head as what I wanted.

I wanted a free standing bath.

I wanted a decent size shower.

I wanted a wall hung vanity with a basin mounted on top with separate hot and cold taps.

I wanted subway tiling on the walls.

I wanted real timber floorboards.

I wanted an oversized mirror.

I wanted a floating timber shelf directly below the mirror.

I wanted a pendant light next to the mirror as well as down lights above the mirror.

To sum it up I wanted a lot of things.

Unfortunately for our bank account, bathrooms are heaps expensive to renovate. I mean a nice, good quality bath can potentially set you back over a thousand dollars and the same story with the vanity. Also, people apparently can spend copious amounts on plumbing because we saw a single mixer tap, powder coated black which looked sweet btw, for over $500 which in my opinion is ridiculous. I guess some people like to show off their money.

So yeah I was kinda expecting the bathroom to cost a bit but neither Mr X nor I was willing to blow all our savings on renovating it so I started to curb down my want list and started to focus on the bigger picture, which was a simple bathroom with a couple of nice features.

Firstly we decided to stick with an inset bathtub that would double as a shower. Not only was it heaps cheaper to buy but it saved on space. We also went with a 1.2mtr long, floor mounted vanity, which again was very cheap and very simple looking so no worries about it looking dated in 12 months time. The matching basin is fully recessed into the vanity, with a single mixer hole so in order to keep with the theme of the house we had to shop around for a mixer tap with some curves. The one we chose is overkill in size but looks really, really cool.

This then left enough space for a timber shelf above the height of the tap as well as a large mirror above that. Being vertically challenged brings along its own set of issues so I had to make sure after all this I could see into the mirror without standing on my tip toes.

However due to the lack of space between the ceiling and the roof, I couldn’t get the recessed down lights that Id wanted to install above the mirror so I’m still working on a plan for that but we are putting in a pendant light in one corner of the room with an Edison globe. It will be on its own circuit for “mood lighting”.

As for the flooring, well ages ago we came across some vinyl floor planks which look and feel a little like timber floors without the hefty price tag. It basically just sticks onto your existing floor (as long as it’s smooth and level) and I think what appealed to me was the how much easier it is to put together than say the laminated floor planks. Anyway we bought a number of boxes of the stuff ages ago on special so I guess we will see how well it works.

So in the end I did compromise on a number of things but they were things I was ok about because they were either going to be a lot of work to pull them off or just way too expensive to buy. In the end I’ll be happy just not having to deal with a fugly looking bathroom any longer.

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