We were probably over reaching our abilities a bit with our week off, taking on a bathroom Reno and all, but after living with the fugliest bathroom for what has seemed like forever, it was definitely time to do something about it. I mean there is only so much mismatched panelling and flaking paint a girl can tolerate before she loses her cool.

I also thought that we could kick it over within a week as long as we didn’t change much from the original layout. Less change meant less problems. Unfortunately our house is over a hundred years old and apart replacing the studs and sheeting outside which Mr X did, I don’t think our bathroom had ever been renovated.

So come Monday we started demolition stage. Pulled out all the fixtures, the walls and tried to keep the panels from the ceiling intact so we could use them as templates because our bathroom is situated in the corner of our house so the roof slopes interestingly different. Then we pulled up the vinyl floor and the Masonite underneath to find the timber floor had a few holes but it was the slope (1%) on one side of the room that I found most disconcerting. Not much until you calculate it over 2.5 metres. Right then it becomes a fucking headache.

Mr X’s first course of action was to get under the house and try to fix it by raising the room up on one side which didn’t work. The next was to call his dad (a retired builder) for suggestions. We really had to have our floor level if we wanted the rest of the reno to run smoothly but I didn’t like the suggestions coming from Mr X’s head either.

“I know what your thinking and I don’t want to step up into the bathroom.”

It was the end of demo day one and both Mr X and I were standing in the empty bathroom scratching our heads over our dilemma. We both kinda expected some kind of problem like rotten boards or a small amount of slope in the floor but this problem kinda threw us.

“Well other people have them. Remember mum and dads place?…”

“Yeah and do you also remember how annoying it was stepping up and down, not to mention stubbing your toe on it?”

So the following day Mr X got back under our house to find another solution to our floor problem and what he found was the reason that one side the room was higher than the other.

“They didnt check out the beams. The rest of the beams under the bathroom floor have been however and that is why the floor slopes. If I check those ones out as well that should bring the floor down to the same level.”

So of course that is what he did which was easier said then done and involved a number of hours of work on Mr X’s behalf. It was late afternoon by the time he finished it but the end result was promising.

“Wow. You can barely notice the slope anymore and look….” I commented, sliding the toilet door which was beside the bathroom, back. “…the door goes back further!”

I always thought it didn’t slide back as far due to the door track design, not that the floor was the issue.

“That is amazing. Should make the rest of this bathroom easier to do.”

Again, wishful thinking.

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