The Quick and the Dead

Despite my earlier panic attacks regarding Tech Maths, I’m actually doing ok. I’ve tackled Algebra, Trigonometry, Quadratics, Logarithmic functions (just to name a few) and I haven’t lost my shit. I still wouldn’t say I’m a Maths genius, because I’m not nor will I ever be, but I’m definitely happy with my progress so far because this kind of Maths can be hard. Lucky for me I enjoy it which makes it that so much easier to learn but I still feel weird when people compliment on my abilities. Especially people I don’t know very well nor feel comfortable hearing compliments from.

“…I’m in awe of people like you, mature age students that is, who come in and learn basic calculus in twelve weeks when we expect high schoolers to learn it all over four years. Normally that doesn’t happen.”

I was finishing up my tutoring session on Saturday when The Nutty Professor suddenly started offering me praise. I’m not sure whether he was trying to fill the extra five minutes we had spare or he genuinely believed what he spoke but either way I shrugged my shoulders and offered up an explanation.

“Well I had a head start with my Energy and Electricity course, lots of equations and calculations and transposing formulas. It helped a lot.”

“Yeah but you seem to be catching on to all this other Maths each week without too many problems. That’s surprising.”

“Really? I don’t think about it to much.”

Liar, liar. I actually am surprised that I have picked it up so quickly and it blows my mind a little. When I’m bored at work I’ll often wake myself up with a Maths equation. I then like to leave these same problems laying around my desk so ppl who think I’m just a brainless female can have their own minds blown. It’s kinda arrogant of me but whatever. It’s not like I’m rubbing their noses in it. Much.

“…Besides, I kinda don’t have a choice about it because if I want to pass this class then I need to cram it in or I’m…road kill…”

Which is how some students ended up just before their first assignment was due. Or so I assume from the post left by the Lecturer on the class Q&A board, requesting all overdue assignments to be submitted immediately.

“Well there’s that but it still surprises me. The adult students I teach normally need more help before it sinks in.”

“I guess I find it easier to have you explain something and then I’ll go away and practice and if I have further problems I’ll come back and ask.”

“Well as long as the tutoring is helping you…”

“Oh it is. I just have my own way of learning.”

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