Lone Ranger

So, I ended up going to my next tutoring class but you already knew that, huh?

Actually to be honest I didn’t know if I was going to turn up to it until Saturday morning when I announced as much to Mr X. I had to take Master Z to his session anyway (high school assignments) and I also needed some help with understanding how to graph trigonometric functions.

I think I made those things more complicated than they really are.  I asked the Nutty Professor to explain a bit about them but I was hesitant to do any of my work in front of him (after the previous week) so after getting some of my questions answered about them we then moved onto next weeks exercises, logarithms and he used the rest of the session time explaining how they worked by doing a couple of sample exercises on the whiteboard. 

So class wasn’t too awkward and the Nutty Professor acted way more professional than last week, although that’s probably because there was no teenagers in the class to provoke him otherwise. 

Even so I think I might drop tutoring after the school holidays and go it alone again. I actually work better and faster when I’m solo and most of the time I’m doing all this learning and working in my own time anyway and showing it to the Nutty Professor the following week.

It’s been helpful to do this but is it really necessary? I can usually see when I’ve done a question correctly or not so if I spend a bit more time on figuring it out, checking my calculations, working similar problems, I will eventually get there.

I’m not one hundred percent decided yet but my argument above and the fact I’d save a bit of coin is definitely persuading me to drop the sessions. I guess I’ll see how the next few weeks pan out before I make my decision.

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