The Nutty Professor

So I took my own advice and signed up for tutoring lessons every Saturday and so far it’s been helpful but at the same time oh so annoying.

The guy whose tutoring these sessions is a mixture between an arrogant Maths nerd and a gossipy teenage boy, dressed up to the nines in grey, frumpy suit and last week he spent more time talking crap with the high school student in the session then teaching him about Statistics. Not my problem really because I got the information that I needed for the week but what did kinda piss me off, and thus force me to keep my temper in check, was when unbeknownst to me the tutor was peering over my shoulder and at my work and took it upon himself to point out a mistake I was doing. WTF?

“Why are you using the Sin rule for that question? I can’t see how you can solve it using that equation first.”

The question he was talking about was one involving distance travelled, angles and drawing oblique triangles. I was quietly working by myself trying to find the resultant magnitude and angle for it when he made asked his question and then started working the question out on the white board.

“Err, well I’m not sure I’ve drawn my triangle correctly but I thought I had enough info here to solve it.”

I suck at triangles questions. Or at least I did before I forced my brain to get educated on them. Unfortunately this didn’t happen till after this session and thus why I didn’t answer the question correctly.

“How did you find the angle at return end? You need to figure that out before you can use the Sin rule.”

“Oh ok. I’ve made a mistake and drew it wrong.”

And you would think he would of left it there after my admission but no. He was obliviously in the mood to make a point of what I did wrong and normally I wouldn’t of cared but I already knew what I did wrong, I didn’t need it pointed out at me again and again so when he didn’t shut up on his own accord I turned my back to him and picked up my phone. Childish I know but effective nonetheless and better than me losing my shit at him which was what I felt like doing. 

I mean WTF?! What kind of person does that?! I kinda figured from the beginning this guy was socially inept but I didn’t expect him to go all Sheldon Cooper on me. Of course he realized his error afterward and tried to engage me in conversation to smooth it over but I was beyond being nice and just wanted to do my work and get the hell out of there. 

Tis a pity I need to keep going with these sessions though because all I really feel like dropping them. Unfortunately in life you sometimes have to work with people that irritate you and since I want to pass this Tech Maths class I will endure those 80 minutes if it means I’m one course closer to my degree.

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