Wasn’t expecting that

I’ve never been great at receiving compliments but over the years I’ve learnt to accept them and humbly thank the person in return. However, I always feel a little stuck up when acknowledging them so although I do accept them, I try not to remain focused on them for too long and gladly like to change the subject. This probably makes me appear flippant overall but whatever. Rather that than look like I have a huge ego and can’t fit my head through the door.

Anyways you remember the audit I had last month where the Engineer, my boss acknowledged my work? Well that audit was then sent on to people further up the Engineering department chain. Of course I was completely unaware of this until the Engineer brought it up.

“Have you been following the email train about our audit?”

“Umm no I had to restart my computer and haven’t opened up Outlook again. Why is that?”

“You should take a look.”

So I did and found a congrats email from the Group Engineer to the Engineer and I and a reply from the Engineer to the Group Eng. acknowledging my involvement in keeping him on the straight and narrow at work. FYI, my boss only gives out compliments sparingly, as in hardly ever so to get that email was the hugest deal and I was so shocked I quite promptly forgot to thank the Group Eng. for the congrats but I did remember to verbally thank my boss as he brought the subject up to begin with.

At home I caught up with Mr X about our day and I suddenly remembered the email.

“Oh yeah, you’re not going to believe it but I got another acknowledgement from the Engineer today, about that audit last month.”

And I explained to him all the details of the email convo and he too was shocked because after working for the Engineer for ten or so year (before he left), he knew getting a compliment out of him was almost like trying to get blood out of stone. Although he was a brilliant Electrician and great at fault finding in his job, hardly any thanks was ever given. 

“Sweetie, you make him look good with what you do!”

“Well I wouldn’t go as far as that. It’s just my job that I do.”

“Yeah and he knows your valuable.”

Which I in turn shrugged off. 

Mr X has said this to me many times before but me not wanting to feel arrogant would always brush it aside. I know to a degree it is true but I still find it hard to own it. 

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