Christmas in July

Despite not wanting to spend any money over the weekend I convinced Mr X that we just had to check out this Secondhand store I’d seen on FB. I think it came up in my timeline because someone else liked their page to begin with but after browsing their page for twenty minutes, and discovering old wooden cupboards, duchesses, desks and tables my interest and Mr X’s was definitely perked.

One of the things you probably should know about me is my dad was a Carpenter and therefore I grew up in a home filled with old furniture that he restored in his spare time. Of course back then I never appreciated them but after I moved out of home and my dad passed I’d often find myself staring wistfully at any vintage furniture I’d come across but often I’d miss out on getting it because of sellers ridiculous prices.

So come Saturday we headed into the city and to the secondhand store and between its opening time and my lesson start I had a window of like ten minutes to browse the place. It was insane. Not only were the pieces well priced but the collection was amazing. I was kinda gobsmacked that all this stuff hadn’t been sold yet. I think I just got past the doorway when Mr X recognised the guy behind the counter as one of the guys he knows at work. Apparently it was his wife’s store. So random. Anyways after a brief chat there he left us to look around and my heart skipped a beat when Mr X pointed out an old wooden writing desk, the type that looks like a cupboard but then the top door folds down to a flat surface with small shelves inside. It was gorgeous and I loved it’s simplicity. It was only $115. A good price in my opinion.

Since time was short though I kept moving along, admiring things along the way and Mr X must of got a little ahead of me because the next thing I knew he was eyeing off an old sewing machine plus table. It was lovely but definitely needed a lot of work and Mr X started practically drooling over the thing, stating how long he’s been looking for one. The way he carried on you’d think he was a professional seamstress where is I kept looking at it from a practical viewpoint such as where would we put it and what else could we use it for?  I don’t think I’ve mentioned before that we already have three vintage Singer sewing machines (no tables though) that need attention so getting another one wouldn’t be exactly sensible. However I didn’t outright say no either and left the ball in his court.

Anyways, not long after that I headed off to my tutoring lesson and became immersed in long division algebra. Out of all the things I’ve learnt so far in Maths that one kinda threw me and I needed some guidance on it. We also spoke about transposing formulas which is easy until you get complicated formulas. It took me awhile but by the end of the lesson I had gotten my head around it and had practically forgotten about the little window shopping expedition. Well that was until I met up with Mr X to get some groceries that is.

“I didn’t buy anything!”

I had just exited my car and wandered over to Mr X and his 4WD, when he suddenly raised his arms, blocking my view of whatever was in the tray back.

“You bought that sewing table, didn’t you?” I answered with a resigned sigh.

“No.” Shaking his head keeping his arms raised.

“Uh huh. So what’s in the back?”

“Take a look.”

So I did and low and behold it was the writing desk. 

“You bought it?!”

Mr X smiled and shrugged his shoulders a little.

“Well, yeah. I saw how much your eyes lit up when you saw it and I know you’ve always wanted one…”

Both true statements but even so I was surprised he chose it over the sewing table and so I just had to do a little happy dance on the spot.

“I also knocked $15 off the price so yeah.”

“You bought me a writing desk! You bought me a writing desk!”

Damn I love that man.

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