This week probably could have been a little more interesting than it was but I don’t care. I kicked ass in a surprise work audit and indulged in my capsule coffee addiction a little too much. In my opinion it’s been a good week.

The work audit kinda did throw my week into a spin though because it came out of nowhere. One day I was thinking I was finally catching up on my workload and the next I was given a days notice that the Group Maintenance Manager was visiting the site to audit our PM paperwork. 

I had zero time to fake it, not that I needed to as I’ve become fairly vigilant in keeping records up to date these days but even so my records needed a bit of “housekeeping” which took half a day and then I lost the other half doing the audit. Overall we did pretty good and my boss commended me for my work. He once described my methods as rigid which is accurate I guess. I don’t care. I just like to have a system and for people to adhere to it so it works. 

Control freak much?

So between hell week at work and then starting Tech Maths I’m spinning out. Mr X suggested taking the karts for a test run to get and I wanted to go but I also didn’t want to fall behind on my first assignment so we stayed put. 

This would probably be a good time to learn meditation, eh?

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