Due to some family commitments this week I took the time off from work. I also figured it was a good time to book my car in to get some panels repainted after discovering last year that the panel beaters had used Direct Gloss instead of Base & Clear when they repaired my car. I was pissed when I found out because they were meant to restore it to “as before the crash” and the rest of my cars paint job is Base & Clear. DG is such a cheap trick and won’t last in the hot Summers here so they are fixing it but honestly, WTF?! If you can’t trust a business to do their job properly what is the world coming to?

So since my car was in the shop I’ve been driving the BF’s 4WD. It’s big, it’s loud and it corners like a bitch. On the plus side it has a big bullbar so if I was to hit a kangaroo front on it won’t dent the car. Good to know when driving in kangaroo country. Parking is a bitch though because I’m short and there’s no reverse camera on the vehicle so mostly I opt to stay far, far away from everyone – no biggie since it’s what I do in my own car to avoid dents and scratches to it – but a couple of times I had to park the 4WD next to someone else which was agonizing cuz I literally couldn’t see the edge of the bullbar or the tow bar for that matter. Good thing I haven’t wiped anything out.

It’s been swell driving the 4WD, people tend to not cut you off and instead give you a wide berth but I miss my own car. Can’t wait to get it back.

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