The Pretenders

I’ve never been big on birthdays, as in parties with large crowds and stuff, but for those people I’m close to I do like to show I care so I’ll tell them in person as well as post them a message on FB or such to create that memory on my timeline. 

However there seems to be this trend on FB lately of when a bday pops around that everyone on your friends list (even ppl you don’t even talk to) leave you Happy Bday messages. Sure it’s nice to acknowledge them but if that’s the only time you talk, why bother? I’d rather be ignored year round then acknowledged with fake messages of happiness on one day of the year. 

Actually as on all rounder FB bothers me with ppl sharing pictures of dying babies (1 share = 1 pray) posts to passive aggressive memes meant to project at one particular person but don’t have the balls to say it to their face. 

I actually refuse to share those 1 share = 1 pray posts because I think they are scammers trying to get hits and if I’m not a close friend of yours or we don’t talk much I most likely won’t leave you bday messages on FB either. As for the passive aggressive memes I think there good for a chuckle but mostly they remind me of the mentality of a cowardly high school kid so I’ll ignore them. After all the passive aggressiveness will only fester inside of them anyway.

It’s a fake eat fake world out there and I’m not sorry that I refuse to become a part of it. 

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