Worry wort

As the days count down to starting my next Engineering class (Tech Maths – the class I deferred awhile ago), I’m kinda panicking a bit. It’s been way too long since my last course and I’ve gotten a little used to having all this free time. I’m Gokarting now and getting Reno stuff done to the house. How the hell will I manage to do this (by this I mean cram tonnes of information whilst juggling my job and home life) as well?

So I’ve been ignoring the impending start date a bit and pretending that I’ll just figure it out but I think I’m going to need some professional tutoring with this one to help push me through and that stuff is not cheap. Sessions go for around 90 minutes each but fucked if I know where that time will already fit into my time poor schedule. I’ll probably skip lunch one or two days a week and leave work early, do a tutoring class and then head home directly afterward. Which means I’ll have to do gym on the other free days. Did I mention I hate overbooking my time? 

Anyway I’m mulling it all over in my head (and evidently on my blog) to get it out of my system but I still feel anxious about this class. I can vaguely recall how much info I needed to study and complete each week the last time I looked at this course and I just couldn’t get my head around it as quick as I needed to. WTF happens if that occurs again?

Ugh. I just want to stop worrying about it.

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