Birthday blues

After dealing with all the staring at work I was so thankful when Saturday arrived and with it my days off. I had to go into the city in the morning, to buy Mr X his birthday gift (and thus more ppl and more staring!) but the rest of the day I was staying home, resting. 

I was actually at a bit of a loss as to what to buy him because he already has so much stuff and I try to find practical gifts that aren’t too boring. In other words I enjoy putting thought into my gifts and they can’t be crafty because I’m too lazy to make anything look good. Unless it’s a furniture piece. I’ve got plenty of time to spend on refurbishing those.

So I kinda did the casual walk through the shops, seeing what was what and if anything caught my eye when I had a bit of a brainwave about what kind of gift Mr X would really appreciate and can use everyday. Its actual quite a good one. Anyway I’m not sure if he reads my blog so I can’t post what it is but I think I’ll add photos to Insta when he gets it.

By this time I’d just had enough of being around the crowds so I jumped into the car and headed home and upon spotting Mr X, as I pulled into the drive way, I waved him over.

“Guess what I got in my car boot!?” I asked, bounding around my car excitedly.

“Oh no. What have you bought now?” Mr X sighed aloud.

“I got your birthday present! I’m going to wrap it and put it in the lounge room so you can look at it all week!” I taunted, hopping foot to foot.

“Ahh huh.” 

“Aren’t you excited about your birthday?!”

“Yeah, but I’m getting older.”

Even though I’m of a similar mind I kinda tend to forget about what my age is when I celebrate each birthday. Not because I’m in denial of how old I am but I don’t feel as old as I am. 

“But aren’t you excited about your present!”

“Yes my sweet.” He replied, giving me a small smile.

Looks like I’ll need to pull out all the stops this bday to get this guy in the mood.

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