Ready. Set. Go.

Although I wasn’t keen on doing anything on Saturday, much less accompany Mr X to the latest Gokart race meet, I made myself go. I’m not sure why I wasn’t in the mood, probably because I wasn’t racing and thus not getting my karting fix, but I did whatever I could to help Mr X out anyway. It’s what good girlfriends do, right?

So we unpacked the trailer, moved all our gear to our pit bay and set up the tarps for some shade. There were already a number of teams on site, working on their karts, hanging with their karting colleagues – It was a little intimidating to see the kind of money just floating around. Meanwhile we are still sitting on the bottom rung of the gokart ladder.

“Hey I see there’s a girl racing in the seniors class, I wonder how fast she is?”

“I guess we will see soon enough huh.”

I’m not sure why but I haven’t seen any females in the senior class (until today that is) but there sure are plenty in the classes below. It’s a bit unnerving to know that when I race it will mostly be with the guys and those boys are rough. Mr X has been hit from behind a number of times thus damaging his kart and sometimes it’s not cheap to fix. I’m definitely investing in a rear spoiler before I get out amongst it. Not that I’d think they’d hit me being on my P’s but accidents do happen.

After checking his kart Mr X headed out for his practice runs but he didn’t seem to be too well around the corners, losing traction a couple of times and not really keeping up with the pack. When he came back in he checked the air pressure in the tyres to find the air pressure higher than he expected. On the second practice run he did a little better but he still couldn’t understand why he was losing grip around the corners when others were not. I really had no advice to offer so I offered to refuel his kart whilst he checked it over. 

“The kart just doesn’t feel right. 

“Maybe we need to invest in a wheel aligner before you mess with the front end again. ”

Which is like $300. Gokarts, like cars apparently, can become money pits. 

“I think that will be our next big purchase.”

So it came time to race and Mr X headed out. All the seniors were racing together so the grid was fairly jammed packed which was not a good sign. I kept my fingers crossed for the BF to do well but it just wasn’t his day because they started the race before the karts had made formation and someone bumped him from behind which caused him to spin out. He still finished the race but it wasn’t a good placing and when he arrived back into the pits and checked over the kart he noticed something.

“Well, that’s me out of the racing for the rest of the day.”

The bolt running through the chain guard and clutch cover had stripped out and if there’s no chain guard, then there’s no race. Mr X spent the next couple of races trying to rectify the problem whilst I watched the others out on the track and the girl whom I noticed earlier was doing pretty good on the track.

“Do you think I’d be able to keep up with her?”

“Hmm probably.”

The girl in question wasn’t racing as fast as the others on the track but she wasn’t going slow either. It made me feel a little bit more confident about bringing my own race date forward and I voiced as much to Mr X.

“I think I might sit out the next race meet and do some more work on the kart.” 

“Then you can be my pit crew for change!” 

“So your definitely going to race at the next meet then?”

“Hmm, I don’t know. I think so.”

It’s seems far enough away to commit to.

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