Work lately has been pretty damn hectic. I’ve put job hunting on the back burner since my chat with the Engineer and I’m happy with that decision. All I wanted was some more responsibility for certain things and that’s exactly what I got so now I’ve been researching and ordering parts for jobs like its no ones business. It’s what I did before until other people tried to take over and when this happened things wouldn’t get ordered for over a week! These days majority of the maintenance people see me directly for info and to get stuff ordered because I get it done in a short time frame. Those who don’t get me shrugging my shoulders when their parts still haven’t turned up or the wrong ones do.

Another reason I don’t want to leave this job is so I can concentrate on getting my Associates degree and that’s easy to do if I stay there. I get paid good money for work I find interesting yet easy. I don’t even have the urge to leave anymore to be honest because I’m no longer bored. Boring jobs suck.

Other than work Mr X and I have been concentrating on getting stuff done on the house – as always. We both had this mind blowing idea of putting in bifold windows in the kitchen with a bench top so when we do the verandah (which backs onto the kitchen) we can BBQ and serve food through this window if we want.

It’s nothing new, a lot of renovators are doing it lately, but it’s new for us. I wanted something similar when we first bought the house but Mr X didn’t feel confident in carrying it out. Now however with all the carpentry work his done and with the advice from his builder father Mr X has feels he can do this one too. Unfortunately it requires more than a 3 day weekend because outside walls need to be taken off, stud work needs to be changed and not to mention the new bench top and window be installed. Lots of prep work. I also want the window bench top match the height of the kitchen cupboard bench tops so that will take some planning to get right.

It makes me happy that we are on the same wave length when it comes to renovating this place and more so that Mr X is able to do the work as that saves a tonne of cash. It’s taking us longer than it probably should to get this place done but it’s the journey that counts, right?

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