Hang of it

Another Sunday and another chance to hit the track in the Gokart.

To be honest I wasn’t too keen to go out this morning because of the work involved – unloading the karts, race gear, toolbox, fuel tanks and apparatuses, chairs etc and getting them all to your pit bay – Ugh. It’s the worst part about karting and taxing on your energy levels.

But all in all I’m glad I made the effort because I’m definitely improving. I know I say that every time I write about practice but this time was a little different because the voice of fear that usually hounds me each and every time that I race around the track and most especially when I go around corners, it was not there today. Nope. Today it was strangely silent. 

“That was soooo much better! Did you see me!?”

I’d just pulled into the pits after completing several laps when Mr X wandered over to help me get my kart on its trolley. I was feeling fairly stoked about my run because I didnt shy away from any of the corners but pushed myself into them – hard.

“Yes I did. You are doing really well today. How did the kart feel?”

“Much better. It’s amazing what a new air filter will do, huh?”

“And a rebuild of the carby as well.”

The last couple of times I’ve taken my kart out it would run pretty good the first couple of times but after we would have trouble getting spark so we change the plug and it would be all right again for another couple of starts but then it would play up again. Turns out my air filter was FUBAR’ed so Mr X replaced it and put a kit through my carbie. I took my kart out 5 times today and no problems whatsoever. 

Not to mention how much quicker it is off the line. I almost took the Striker (device used by secondary person to start my kart) with me, unintentionally. Mr X scolded me about it later on.

“I think it’s finally starting to click for me. When I entered the S-bend too fast before and I felt the kart start to turn around on me I instantly turned the wheel a little in the opposite direction without thinking about it. It didn’t even scare me when it happened. I just thought that felt kinda cool to keep my kart under control.”

So yeah, the time out on the track is not for naught even if I’m not racing yet because I’m basically learning how to drive my kart properly and slowly learning how to drift around corners. 

Shouldn’t be long now before I feel comfortable enough to race.

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