Golden eye

So my eye appointment was on Saturday and although I’m slightly poorer for it, I’m glad I went in and got it done.

Im not sure why but I always get a tiny bit paranoid before a medical appointment and I run through these worst case scenarios beforehand. Its probably due to my natural instinct at looking for solutions to problems encase they occur. It’s a blessing and a curse.

Anyway I sat in front of all these different types of machines, one blew air into my eyes whilst another flashed lights across my eyes or something and then I was done and other than my long sight in my right eye being a little worse than last time, everything else turned out all clear. The optometrist hinted my current lenses are still ok to use but I’d already decided on getting new frames so I headed out to chose the ones I wanted with the help of a female sales assistant.

Now I just hate shopping with a salesperson because I like to take my time and browse the merchandise without being fussed over. I also feel just weird trying on glasses whilst someone looks upon. But this girl was really good at her job, patiently hanging by whilst I tried on different sunglasses and not at all pushy. In fact it was her who informed me that Ray Bans do their own prescription lenses for sunglasses with the logo in the corner and since she knew I was getting polarized in my prescription lenses she purposely chose frames ($80 cheaper?) without them since I wouldnt be using the original lenses anyway. It was something I didn’t even think of whilst choosing frames and I was glad she had my back.

Anyway, It was probably just as well she saved me some cash because prescription lenses are expensive! Last time I bought glasses I was around $400 out of pocket for two pairs, this time almost $500. Ugh. Oh well. At least now I have what I want and will most likely stick with these for a number of years to come because I purposely chose classic, black frames. Surprisingly they compliment my golden eyes.

Ho hum.

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