When the hell did the people start using their blogs as the new infomercial platform? You know the ones I mean, the blogs that suck you in with a great post or two and then they start peddling their wares to you.

Do you know what I do when I see those repetitive ads on TV? I change the channel! Do you know what I do when I see it online? I unsubscribe from that blog.

Yeah I’m a harsh bitch when I want to be but there is just some things that I won’t buy online such as:

– People who are trying to sell you their super, super secrets ways of creating more traffic for your blog or twitter account or all the other social media stuff you might be apart of.

They won’t tell you how they will get more traffic to your blog or what their tips are but they will upload a shit load of testimonies to their website, stating how super, super awesome their super super secret is and how you are seriously missing out by not throwing your cash at it – rightthisminute!

– People with no writing experience who write How To Ebooks about their super, super secrets on improving something or other and then ask for $20 plus for their book.

The first (and last time) I bought an ebook from a web designer it really, really sucked. All the tutorials and advice were just recycled stuff from their website, rolled into an ebook. For my twenty bucks I would of been better off buying a book by an actual author. It was such a disappointment and a lesson well learnt.

– Getting rich quick schemes who promise you thousands of dollars in profit for minimal outlay. If these schemes actually worked (and were legal) would you seriously tell anyone about it?! I sure as hell wouldn’t!

Umm no sorry. I’m just not interested. If I want to blow a couple of hundred bucks on something then I’ll do so on something tangible and real, like another pair of Docs. I’m even too cheap to pay someone to design a blog template for me. I’ll just learn that shit myself and do it instead. 

Yep the interwebs is filling up fast with a lot of useless (expensive to buy) information and I’m intensely bored with it. 

How about you?

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