Second Best

Work has kinda picked up recently and I’m literally run off my feet. Once I wrap up one task another seamlessly falls into my lap. But it’s a good kind of busy and I was feeling pretty super dooper about it so I hit the shops, just for a look honest but I should of known better. I wanted to buy something. I wanted to spend some dosh. Which brought me outside the optometrist, drooling over a rack of Ray Bans.

As much as I’d like to think I’m not a brand snob, I know I am. When I needed a new phone, I straight up and bought one from Apple and when I upgrade my laptop, it will be another MacBook. And apparently the same can be said about eyeglasses. My poison being Ray Bans.

So I stumbled into the optometrist, making a bee line for the Ray Bans on the wall and my eyes focused on a pair of RX’s which looked like they would fit my face. I always have a hard time finding specs because of it and after spending half an hour choosing my last set of frames I learnt that not a lot of companies cater for small faces.

Anyway I picked up the Ray Ban’s and they slipped comfortably onto my face and I checked myself out in the mirror. Perfect fit. From there I was pretty set on getting new frames. 

There’s nothing particularly wrong with my current ones but at the time of their purchase (two years ago?) the shop had no Ray Bans for me to try on so I settled for something else.

I shouldn’t of settled. I never normally settle. Whenever I do I only regret it later and in this case I wanted the new RB glasses that I’d wanted two years ago. Even time could not shake it.

So I booked my appointment with the optometrist for two weeks time and I’ll get my new glasses a week after that and this time I’m damn well going to get what I want. This time there’ll be no settling.

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