Getting it sorted

Apparently I’m a hoarder. At least I am in Mr X’s eyes. After procuring a shiny new filing cabinet, I began sorting out my boxes filled with old bills, photos and equipment manuals and I seriously have not thrown out much these past 10 years.

“I just found our first rates notice and have a guess how much we used to pay?”

I was sitting on the floor of the lounge room, surrounded by piles of paperwork when Mr X entered the room. Upon sighting the paperwork he took a step back and shook his head. I in turn tilted my head at him with questioning look in my eyes.

“Did a bomb go off?” he asked

“Oh, Ha ha.” I replied, rolling my eyes “… but seriously, our rates were half as much as we pay now, can you believe that?!”

The advantage of not throwing much out is all these little tidbits of useless information you find along the way. The disadvantage is adding to the current storage. Not much of a problem these days however because I’m all for cutting back on “stuff” and unless it has a purpose or has sentimental value then I want to get rid of it.

Which is precisely what I was doing now. Any bills older than seven years were going into the fire pit and the rest would be filed accordingly. If I still had too much paperwork in the cabinet then I’d simply archive the oldest stuff and be done with it. Plenty of space to store it in the shed.

So it took me a few hours to sort out that first box but it was so worth it once the suspended folders piled up in an orderly line before me. I went a little out and bought ones in this beautiful shade of blue. Not that anyone is going to really see them but I know they are there. I know they look pretty.

“Lookie, lookie here my love. All my paperwork looking nice and organised. You should take a leaf out of my book.”

“Hey, hang on a minute there. I was the one who had all their paperwork filed in the old cabinet whilst you had thrown nilly, nally into a box – leaf out of whose book?”

Details, details.

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