Breaking new ground

After my one on one conversation with the Engineer and consequently a follow up meeting with both himself and the Leading Hand, I’m feeling much better about things at work. The Engineer wants to implement some changes and what he wants, he gets. There are still further aspects I need to express and have changed to make it work better for maintenance but this is a good start.

“What? Every job?”

“Yes every job.”

“Well that will certainly sort the men from the boys.”

Mr X and I were texting back and forth on my lunch break because I was too busy to do so during my work time. Once one job closed up, another would fall into my lap and although it helps the day fly by, it also leaves minimal time to chat.

“Eventually we are going to get a point where we need to report to other management people all the work being completed, I can see it now and this is a step in that direction. It’s all well and good to write work in a diary and check the works done but you can’t report on that!”

“Well it’s certainly going to show who’s doing the work and who’s not.”

Well there is that aspect too which I’m glad I’m not in charge of dealing with. I’m not out to “get” anybody and if that is the way some people see it then too fucking bad. All I really care about is getting to a stage where more preventative maintence is carried out so less breakdowns occur. I think this is achievable if people do the work required and do it properly.

“Your certainly going to be busy. Writing up all those jobs.”

“Yeah but it’s worth it if we bring our workshop out of the Stone Age and into the modern world.”

In the end it will benefit everyone.

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