Worry over nothing

I’ve been having a few shitty days of work lately though to be fair I think it’s been my own insecurities that have made them this way. Before the cyclone I was on a roll of work on top of my regular planner duties and the days practically flew. Come March and my return to work and I was wondering WTF was going on because the Engineer or Leading hand wasn’t handing work to me but was organising it themselves. 

Anyhow I let it slide for a couple of weeks because we were all trying to find our feet again but the more time passed, the more annoyed I got when things didn’t revert back to how it was before and then I started to get paranoid about whether my boss might of heard about me looking for another job. Even so, I still expect to do my current job and do it well. I’m not a slacker.

“Well, it’s just that not sure what’s going on because all this work is being organised without myself being kept in the loop and I can’t track jobs this way. I also can’t capture histories and parts used either so if we need to order them later I can’t give that information to the stores.”

I’d finally caught up with the Engineer for a chat and so I figured I’d lay all my concerns out on the table. He seemed fairly responsive to them and nodded his head in agreement as I spoke.

“Yes I must admit it’s been a bit disjointed post cyclone and I’ve been wondering myself what’s been going on after coming back from some time off to find people not questioning why certain pieces of equipment aren’t working nor asking someone to fix it. ”

I instantly felt relieved knowing it just wasn’t me that was experiencing this confusion. You know the old saying, a problem shared is a problem halved. I totally get that now.

“Exactly, I think there’s been this total loss of communication here and because of the production Supervisors are taking advantage of it and now I’m seeing engineering jobs come in from them, asking for modifications to equipment etc and yet no one has technically approved them but the maintenance are doing it anyway.”

Unfortunately we were interrupted so I couldn’t quite finish the talk – I wanted to suggest some changes to my job duties, aka taking on more responsibility etc – but it’s probably just as well because I need to figure out the exact wording of that conversation if I’m to get the Engineer onside.

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