Call me superstitious or call me strange but ever since the first day of the Chinese New Year had occurred (and yeah, I totally love following the Chinese horoscope) I’ve felt a shift in my world.

Last year everything was predictable and fell into a neat little line. Last year I knew where I stood. This year I feel like the world is spinning around me whilst I attempt to stay grounded using my studies and home Reno projects to steady myself.

So far I feel unsuccessful in this adventure.

“So the plan is we get all the work done on Saturday and come Sunday well go and watch the new Fast and the Furious movie, capeesh?”

Mr X sighed aloud and nodded his head in agreement but upon meeting his gaze I could see a stubbornness behind his eyes so I scowled at him. 

“Darling..” I growled “.. I really want to get those laundry walls painted with top coat this weekend. You don’t even have to do much, just help shift the washing machine and basin. Oh and find the grey paint, not sure where that ended up after the cyclone.”

I freely admit that I’m a bitch when it comes to getting stuff done at home but sometimes I just have to be. If I left Mr X to his own devices it would be nothing but gokarts and car repairs in his spare time. I give the guy direction!

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” He replied, walking out the door. Obviously he went to find me the paint.

So the laundry walls were painted on Saturday as well as the ceiling and afterward (once the paint was dry) the light was rehung. Unfortunately we had no architraves or skirting boards to completely finish the room but blah. I was happy with the progress anyway. It was more than Id thought we’d do.

“That movie was amazing!”

We had just finished watching Furious 7 and my brain was still a little wired from the action. Girls kicking each other’s asses, cars flying through the air! Of course the ending tugged on the ole heart strings and brought a little sadness to the film but it was a nice tribute. That Paul guy sure was loved.

“Nuh uh – that was insane! I could go and watch it again!” 

I chuckled under my breath as we made our way down the staircase and out into the fresh air. The movie sure did put a dent into our afternoon but I was glad for the distraction, glad to be swept up inside someone else’s world and drama. For a short time I felt like my world was no longer spinning out of control but was calm and stationary instead. But like all good things, it didn’t last and without the movie I was once more feeling a little unsteady. 

“Next weekend I want the new glass installed into the casements and get the putty put in. I’m determined to get a window done every three weeks.”

There’s definitely been a shift in my world lately but I can’t let it get to me. Like always, I’m determined to remain in control.

2 thoughts on “Sway

  1. This is where I admit to only ever having watched the first Fast and Furious movie, and a weird hangup in my head refusing to watch the others unless I watch them in order…

    1. Well it’s funny you should say that because the storyline/thus timeline doesn’t run in line with the release of the movies. For instance Tokyo Drift (2006) storyline happens after the number six Fast & Furious (2013). It’s pretty cool what they did and keeps you guessing.

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