Set back

I’m not sure whether it was stress or just plain bad luck but the day after the return to work meeting I awoke feeling quite sick. The symptoms reminded me of the flu in that my sinuses felt blocked, my head ached and I felt quite lethargic but when I couldn’t stand for longer than a minute without feeling completely exhausted and out of breath I knew I wouldn’t be going back to work anytime soon.

“Typical. I want to go back to work because I’m bored out of my brain and then this happens. WTF do I do now?!”

“Ummm, rest and get better?”

Although Mr X was right about me resting up I couldn’t help feeling like I was letting the maintenance crew down. It was such a relief to learn that I’d be able to get back to work soon – to bring some further normalcy back into my life after so much chaos – only to have those hopes dashed in the next instance. It was depressing.

“Yeah, not helping.” I growled back and Mr X rolled his eyes at me in reply.

“Well there’s not much else you can do, is there?”


After getting myself to the Doc for some antibiotics and calling work to let them know I couldn’t make the training session that Saturday, I spent the next few days trying to keep cool and watching Vampire Diaries reruns. Power still hadn’t been returned to our area at this stage so I had to fill the generator every four hours or so to keep the fridge and fan running and the chore left me feeling breathless.

It was a really ordinary time for me, made more so because Mr X was working and thus not around to distract me from my misery but come Sunday, nine days after we first lost power, the kitchen light came on. Suddenly we were back on the grid.



“How about chicken kievs, mash and veggies for dinner?”

It was day six of me being sick but I still didn’t have much of an appetite. Mr X and I were walking the food aisles at the supermarket looking for food stuffs in hopes something would awaken my taste buds. Even now I was still feeling exhausted so I leant on the trolley for support but I perked up at the mention of my favourite meal.

“Oh yum.” My mouth instantly watering in response.

It had been ages since we had been able to use the oven and after living on food cooked on a BBQ each evening it would be nice to eat something completely different.

“..and can we get ice cream? I’ve been craving some alllll week..”

I almost drooled on the spot when Mr X agreed.

I probably should have been avoiding junk like this right now but I needed the comfort food. Having no power for all those days has been depressing enough but getting sick and thus not being able to return to work was putting me on edge. Too much time left to think.

“Thank you my love. For putting up with me right now and indulging in my whims.”

Mr X shrugged and then smiled.

“Well someone has to look after you because you certainly won’t.”

Again. Touché.

2 thoughts on “Set back

  1. I have an other half very much like you. She doesn’t look after herself at all, and I trudge along behind, catching her, dusting her down, and setting her on her way again.

    1. Ha ha – That’s cute! The mental picture is priceless!

      Actually I’m not toooo terrible about looking after myself but I am lazy when it comes to making meals. I must be missing the ‘I love to cook’ chromosome or something :)

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