Time really does kick along slowly when one is without electricity and this power outage was no exception. During the day I didn’t mind the no power thing because I could still read my books, use the BBQ in the shed to boil water for my tea or fool around on the laptop after charging it via the car battery but the nights were tough when it was hot and we had to leave the windows open in hopes of catching a breeze. No screens on them meant the mozzies would try to eat me alive and they almost succeeded in their endeavor. I guess once all the casement windows are refurbished this will be our next project. Ho hum.

“Hey check this out. These guys are doing a delivery of generators to the area. I think we have a better chance of getting one this way.”

Mr X browsed the catalogue and we both agreed that a 8kva would be a good size for our home. Since he’s an Electrician he could hook up a generator to our switchboard and know what the hell he was doing so it wouldn’t feed back into the grid and electrocute someone. 

The only thing is that we would have to wait 2 more days before we’d get it.

“Do you think you can manage that long? I know the heat has been hard on you…”

“Yeah I’ll be ok. Maybe we can try and get a gas camp stove in the meantime and then we can cook in the kitchen again. “

The next day, Sunday, we headed back into the city with our empty jerry cans in tow to get ourselves some fuel, ice and some more canned goods. We planned ahead before the cyclone by obtaining some tinned food for us and canned dog food for the mutt but our stocks were running low. I just hoped a supermarket was open and they were rationing items so everyone had a fair chance at obtaining stuff they needed. 

First stop upon our city arrival was for fuel and we lined up for an hour to get 25litres. The station wasnt rationing it which meant it took as long as how many ppl were lined up x the amount of fuel they wanted. It was a stupid idea really but what could we do but stand and wait our turn? I actually didn’t mind standing in line – after all what else would we be doing? – but this woman in front of us just talked non stop whilst the guy standing in front of her nodded his head. It made me feel exhausted just listening to her but what really pissed me off was when her husband (I assume) turned up with 6 x 5ltr jerry cans, and stepped into line with her. I mean WTF?! Go to the back of the line buddy! 

Of course the service station attendant said nothing so I didn’t want to be the only unsympathetic person in line by voicing my opinion aloud at this line cutter – after all they too were going through the same crappy power outage as everyone else. But seriously how hard would it of been to go to the back of the line and wait another half hour or so?! 

So after we got our fuel and our camp stove we made our way to the place selling ice. It wasn’t too hard to find either because there were hundreds of cars parked around the business. I dropped Mr X off with the eski, parked and waited in my car as there was no way I was leaving it alone with all the crazies driving around. 

It was here that I got my second shock about people’s behavior when I saw a number of them filling wheelie bins with bags of ice and maneuvering them to their cars. Again,  WTF?! Are thirty bags of ice really necessary to keep your meat frozen?! 

When Mr X returned with our four bags of ice he voiced his surprise as well, pointing out the people using wheelie bins and trollies. I laughed with him and after loading the car up I turned it back onto the road, dodging people as I went.

“It’s any wonder that people can’t get the supplies they need when things like this occur. Turn the power off for a few days and the crazies start buying and hoarding stuff like its the apocalypse.”

Mr X nodded at my words and then shook his head.

“But seriously, WTF are they going to do with all that ice? It’s all going to melt at the same rate anyway so what’s the point?!”

“Too much money, not enough sense.”

“Oh yeah.”

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