A couple of weeks ago I spoke to my boss about taking some time off to put my car in to get repainted. I could tell by the look on his face that he wasn’t impressed, as we had only started production in January, but he never said no to me either so I gave him some loose dates in February.

It was only a week so no big deal.

Unfortunately in between that conversation and now we had a lovely cyclone hit the coast. The kind of storm that up ends trees and throws them across power lines and threw people’s homes. Whilst it occurred G and I vigorously texted back and forth.

“Is the rain and wind bad there?!”? asked G

“Not yet but I’m looking on the BOM site and it’s coming! Mr X is at the back door keeping an eye on things!”

“It’s getting pretty bad here!!”

I again jumped onto the BOM site and then on FB for updates. A girl I went to school with posted about her house shaking and how herself and her family were hiding in the kids room – the room in the centre of their house – and she was freaking!

“We’ve got corrugated iron flying around here!”

Came a text from G.

“OMG! Stay away from the windows!’

How the f she still had service during all of this wind and rain and flying debris was simply beyond my comprehension. I knew that power lines supplying us were down and the ones in the city most definitely but surely these winds should be effecting the signal as well!

“Fuck! The window just smashed and I just got hit by glass!”

I jumped on my phone and responded.

“Go to the bathroom and stay there until the storm passes!!”

“I’m scared!! I’m here alone!!”

“It’s ok G, you can do this!!”

Then all of a sudden the winds picked up at home and I could feel the old girl shake. We are mostly sheltered on the eastern side of our home thanks to the mountain but even so it still sounded like a freight train rushing past our roof and with it a huge gust of wind which rocked the house!

“What the hell was that!?! Do we still have a roof!!??!!” I screeched at Mr X who was standing at the back door with it half a jar.

I don’t know if it was wise but he was opening and closing the door depending on the direction of the wind, something about relieving the pressure inside the house so the windows wouldn’t blow out. I haven’t researched this theory myself to see if it holds any merit. Personally I wish we had boarded the windows up instead.

“Yeah it’s alright! It’s okay!” he screamed back.

I must of asked that question a dozen or hundred times whilst that cyclone swirled around us outside, pacing back and forth between Mr X and the lounge room. And then when the roof on the garden shed disappeared thus causing the rest of the structure to collapse and screech, I started to wonder if this storm would ever pass.

“How much longer!?!” I squealed, running over to Mr X when the house shook again and with it the last of my nerves.

With the door ajar water was flying in and Mr X gestured with his head to take a look at his phone.

“Not long now! Maybe another half hour!?”

Half hour, I thought to myself

Just another half hour and this would be all over with

It was the longest half hour of my life but eventually the worst of the winds did die down but that too presented its own set of problems because with no wind the rain started to come down and with no garden shed a lot of Mr X’s tools were exposed to the elements. Before it started to pour we rushed outside and threw tarps over the equipment as best we could. We were only outside for 15 or so minutes but we were wet through.

“Good thing we only lost power today because I’m sooo looking forward to a hot shower tonight.”

Dripping, Mr X stood at the door and nodded his head.

“I just want a beer. I think I’ve earned myself a beer.”

I nodded in agreement.

“I wonder how long we will be power this time?” I asked offhandedly.

Turns out longer than last time.

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