Break away

When Mr X first left his job at this company we both worked at I was constantly bombarded with questions regarding whether I was thinking of moving on too but I naturally shrugged them off because I wasn’t ready to leave. Sure the idea had crossed my mind but it also kind of freaked me out a little whenever I would envision myself in job interviews so I put the thought out of my head.

Well it’s been awhile since then and lately I’ve been experiencing itchy feet. I’m studying both Project management and a degree in Engineering and the more things I learn, the more I’m starting to realise that I need more on the job experience with precisely the things I’m studying and frankly I don’t think my current job is going to give this to me.

It’s funny you know, I once broke up with a guy because I didn’t want to leave my current job to follow him. Ok there were heaps of other factors too of course, such as he was a total asshole who pretended to be charming, but my job did factor a lot into me giving him the old heave-ho in the end. Now here I am, looking at moving on from this job and I suddenly feel OK with that.

It probably helps that a Planning position has popped up and Mr X thinks I should apply for it. It’s within the same company that he is working at but in a different plant so if I was to get it we wouldn’t see each other everyday but after working the past 8 months without him nearby, I’m doing OK anyway.

First things first though, I need to get this resume and cover letter done already. It’s been awhile since I’ve done one and I’m sucking quite bad at selling myself. Le sigh.

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