Happily solitary

I caught up with Madam G this afternoon for some gossip and McDonald’s. I ordered a cheese burger, small fries and a chocolate shake. All bad things in moderation, right?

After we grabbed our meals and sat down G started filling me in on everything that was happening with her lately such as the house she was sharing with her BFF and her family being put on the market and how she’s not sure whether she wants to continue living with them. I had noticed she was kind of upset and raging when I picked her up so I just chilled and let her vent her frustrations.

“I thought we were all going to look at this house together but then they went without me. I’m sick of being left out.”

I nodded sympathetically and chewed on my fries. G is known to get upset quite easily, sensitive I think the word is, but I could immediately see the situation was just a miscommunication and I said as much.

“Maybe I’m just better off living alone again…” She sulked in reply and I pointed out how expensive that was.

I fall naturally into a neutral position when people get pissed off. If I can, I try to defuse the situation. Not because I can’t stand arguments but because none of us are perfect and we all have bad days so why be judged solely on trivial crap, you know?

After chewing the fat for another hour or so I dropped G off and headed home. It was nice to catch up in person instead of via text message but I’m glad that our friendship is so low maintenance that we don’t need to hang out in person more than a couple of times a month for it to work. Of course we text a lot but texting doesn’t take up a great deal of time.

I know that statement is a contradiction to one of my earlier posts about how I would love to have more close, female friends to hang with, do shopping trips with and go away on girlie weekends. Unfortunately those sorts of friendships need time and devotion to manifest and bloom and all my spare time is given to my family, our house, my hobbies (book reading, go karting) and my studies. I think anything more would just overwhelm and depress me.

In the end I don’t actually mind so much that I don’t have a great crowd of friends which I see others my age do because I’ve never been a social butterfly nor do I want to be. And being alone has taught me to observe people more and really understand what kind of people they are, to find enjoyment in the simple things and to be humble about all the great things I have in my life.

In a nut shell, I’m low on close friends but I’m still happy and that’s enough for me.

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