Trackside then poolside

The long weekend meant another opportunity to hit the track and as per usual I couldn’t resist. Sunday was stinkin hot though and I almost told Mr X not to bother because if it’s this damn hot in the shade then it’s going to be twice as bad in the sun. However I needed the track time so I bit my tongue and endured the sweat gushing from my body. I think I lost a couple of kilos just from sweating and doing absolutely nothing. Fun times.

As soon as I got out onto the track though I put the heat of the day behind me and I got into the zone. I’m feeling way more comfortable with my kart now and I’m even getting a little more gutsy with the accelerator pedal. There is this one corner which I fly through now but I’m still not game enough to hit it at full noise. It’s pretty cool when I hit it just right and I can feel myself smiling when I do.

“Good, good. You hit the apex just right.” Mr X commented as we watched the footage from the Go Pro via our iPhones.

I felt a little proud of myself when I heard that and gave myself a mental pat on the back. I need all the encouragement I can get.

Monday we escaped the heat at home and breakfasted at a good ole fashion heritage homestead for Australia Day where Mr X ordered the big breakfast and I the billy tea and damper. It was still stinkin hot there, made more so by eating hot food and drinks, but I’ve been craving damper for the entire weekend and I just had to indulge. The girl cut me two large slices, slapped on some butter and syrup and handed it across. I positively drooled on the spot.

Mr X was already tucking into his plate of scrambled eggs, savoury mince and bacon by the time I arrived at our table but I couldn’t resist pulling out the ole phone and taking at least one picture of my meal before I dug in. After a few mouthfuls I shoved the plate under Mr X’s nose and took a giant slurp of my billy tea.

“Oh my gosh, you have got to try this – it’s delicious!” 

Mr X obliged and nodded his head appreciatively at the taste.

“Of course it’s not as good as the one you make my love though it’s not burnt on the bottom like yours…”

“Yeah, they probably cooked theirs in the oven.”

I could only laugh in reply.

The rest of our day was spent pool side, at the beach resort, underneath a big umbrella. The lagoon there is enormous and open to the public most of the time and I definitely wanted to take advantage. We swam and we ate and we swam and Mr X drank some beer. I find food even tastes much better when close to the ocean.

“This was a good idea my love. Thanks for suggesting it.”

We were both lounging on our chairs by this stage, faint laughter from other patrons breaking the silence but when Mr X spoke I looked over at him and noticed for the first time how relaxed he actually was. A smile broke over my face.

“That’s okay. I must have a few good ones every now and again.”

He smiled in return.

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