“So what do you plan to do when you’ve finished your degree? What kind of work do you expect to be doing?”

I had my hands and brain full of work related stuff when that number was hurled at me. At the best of times I’m never good at answering personal questions but couple that with putting me on the spot and my brain turns to mush.

Of course I do know what I want to do with my degree because over time I’ve been slowly working it out in my head. I enjoy planning projects and using my Engineering skills to research equipment and make calculations. I also enjoy drafting drawings in CAD and I’ve even shown an interest in designing stuff, or at least having an attempt at doing so. Technically this is not what an Engineering Officer is meant to do but I’m still going to pursue some aspect of this anyway.

However I didn’t feel like sharing these thoughts aloud, let alone with someone I didn’t know really well so I shrugged my shoulders and asked the ever present “Get up to much on the holidays?” question to change the subject. It’s my go to thing – deflecting personal questions when I don’t feel like answering them and I’ve become a pro at it.

Later on I’m kicking back at home with a cup of milky English breakfast tea and thinking aloud to Mr X about work and the kind of responsibilities I should have as opposed to the ones I do and how frustrated I’m getting about it. I’m the Planner for fucks sake yet at times I’m left completely out of the equation only to be thrust back in when it all falls to pieces.

“Yeah the Planner at my work does all of that. We organise the quotes of what we need but he handles all the ordering and following up of orders etc. Everything has to go through him. It’s just the way it is. ”

I could only listen on envy.

Mr X works in a really positive and organised workplace and it’s the kind of place I hope to find for myself someday. And someday I will.

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