The weekend that was probably could of been a little more productive for me but after six days of work I was physically done. No window or wall painting, instead I settled on reading a new book Every Breath (it’s brilliant btw) and sorting out boxes that were filled with my past.

“Hey hon, look what I just found.”

Mr X was outside welding pieces of box section into our go kart trailer. He had been working hard on it all morning and slowly forming shelves for the karts to sit on. When he heard me call out he stopped what he was doing and turned around.

“Have a look at this!!” I added excitedly

“…I quite forgot about these photos.”

The photo album had been put together awhile ago before I even had a smart phone so all the pictures had been taken with a 35mm. The pictures were mostly family shots with Mr X and his cars but I’d also taken some random “creative” shots of objects and scenery which threw me back in time to when the picture was taken.

I really loved the shots I had taken of Mr X though – one was a close up of his face, laying in bed and the other was him sitting casually on some rocks on the beach. Just by those pictures alone I could already tell I was half in love with the guy when I took them. It was alarming to recognise it.

Mr X on the otherhand was more interested in the shots I had taken of the Peter Brock cars and he ooh’ed and ahh’ed when he came upon them. Probably over recalling the moment itself rather than the pictures I had taken. They were indoor shots and I didn’t have the correct film in the camera so they looked a little blurry. It was a little disappointing but I was pleased I had captured this excursion anyway.

“Wow, I was so taken aback…” Mr X remarked, gazing at the photograph I had taken of him, standing in front of one of the Brock cars, looking stunned yet happy all at the same time. I looked at him then and found that same expression on his face which made my heart leap in my chest. Gosh I love that guy.

“Well anyway…” I piped up, closing the album and turning my attention to Mr X’s handiwork.

“…the trailer is looking good my love.”

“Yes it is, isn’t it? I can finally see it come together now that I’ve started build the framework for the separation wall and shelving. ”

“Yes, so can I.”

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