Just one thing

Although Christmas and Boxing day are traditionally spent lounging around and eating copious amounts of food I couldn’t help but start on at least one project over the 4 day weekend and this happened to be revamping the kitchen casement windows. Mr X however was not keen on the idea and invented all sort of excuses not to start.

“I don’t have the board to fill up the empty hole.”

“Won’t the spare casement windows fit instead?”

“It looks like it’s going to rain.”

“So I’ll do the windows in the shed.”

“You can’t paint the windows for two weeks once the putty is applied.”

This excuse actually did cause me to pause for a moment as I had forgotten that timber putty needs that much time to dry. Then the flaking paint on the windows caught my eye and I found myself digging my heels in.

“We need to do this.”

So Mr X did all the hard work – removed the windows, installed the temporary ones and sanded the old windows back to timber – whilst I zoomed around the house with the vacuum cleaner.

“Wow, they look good after a clean up.” I admired, dropping in when the power tool went silent.

“They do, don’t they?”

We both seemed a bit more enthused at this stage of the project so we began applying the putty to the timber. It’s not a difficult process but its time consuming and it was so friggin hot that I started sucking on a cold premixed vodka drink. This I fear is becoming a habit when we work on the house.

So I rolled the putty into skinny logs and push them into and along the edges of the window where the glass would meet the timber and Mr X used the edge of a paint scrapper to shave off any access material. Finally he used his fingers to fill in any gaps that had formed. After that was done we both sat down and drank some more alcohol, chewed on some nibblies and listened to some tunes via my Christmas gift.

Mr X paid attention this Christmas and bought me The Blaster I requested. It’s very funky coloured but most importantly it belts out the tunes quite nicely.

“So what else is on the list for today?”

“That’s all I wanted to get done my love. ”

“Well then, if it’s all the same to you I think I’ll relax the rest of the afternoon.”

Me too.

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