(My nerdish looking helmet. I love it.)

We hit the track again on the weekend and as per usual – I loved it!

As soon we unpacked the trailer, and I had a bite to eat, I donned on my race gear and pushed my kart over to the grid. I still had fuel leftover in it from the other weekend and I was pretty keen to get out and do some laps. I think I managed to get around the track a few times before Mr X joined me – and then proceeded to fly past me. I’d like to say it is because he has a bigger engine then me but put us on a level playing field and he would still kick my ass.

I was actually doing better than my last practice session though but I still wasn’t getting how to take the corners. A few more laps later and Mr X passed me again but instead of speeding away he slowed down and I followed him around the track for 1.5 laps, watching where he would put the kart so he could keep up the momentum. That sure made it hell of a lot easier and so I tried a few laps on my own before I pulled into the pits, feeling that the kart was running low on fuel.

“What do you think? Was I going faster than last time!?” I asked him excitedly when he finally pulled in.

“Your definitely getting better.”

I happy danced on the spot.

On my second practice instead of waiting for Mr X to fuel my kart I took it upon myself to prepare the oil and fuel mixture, asking him how much I needed of each.

“Are you sure you don’t want more than a litre?”

“Yeah, I’m sure. I’m exhausted by the time I burn through that much.”

Which I am. Mentally and physically. My fingers are usually the first things to hurt, because I only stretch them on the straight parts of the track and then my shoulders get sore from holding the wheel around the bends. Then I start to lose concentration and I’m pretty much done. I definitely need to work on my stamina in this sport.

So I threw myself into my laps and tried not to brake too much when I came to the corners. I’m not sure if I was going faster than my previous laps but I definitely felt my confidence growing as I pushed down on the accelerator, forcing my kart to go faster. Now if only I could get my eyes to adjust quicker as I sped up. Once again I pulled into the pits as my fuel levels got low. I did not want to push a kart back if I ran out.

“I’m still trying to figure out the two hair pins. They are so tight that I lose too much momentum.”

“Babe, the only way to take a corner fast is straight. Just follow where I showed you.”

I nodded in agreement. It didn’t make it easier to apply however.

We managed to get another two goes at the track before it was pack up time. I was exhausted but a little sad that we couldn’t come to the track for another two weekends.

“Hey since the track is closed for the week, can we go to the hire kart track instead?”

Mr X laughed

“You’ve got it bad!”

“No I don’t!” replying a little too quickly

“We may make a motor sport junkie out of you yet.”

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