Be our guest

As with most weekends, I spent majority of the time in Mr X’s company except this time we had additional guests in our home – Mr X’s parents. As most retired people do they  had purchased for themselves a new mobile home with plans on seeing more of Australia and visiting us was like a bit of test run on the van. It was also the only time they would see us before Christmas since they would be in Canberra till the new year.

Mr X and I don’t normally have guests here but this is our own fault since we don’t exactly invite people to stay with us. Our home is always undergoing one sort of renovation or another, not to mention it’s on the smallish side so it’s just not convenient nor fair to share the space with others. Unless of course they are fully aware of what they are walking into. Then that is on them.

Also, I love my own space and I love my solitude. I’m quite content to spend a few hours in my own company with a good book or movie instead of socialising and making conversation. I also like to walk around my home dressed in boxer shorts and a t-shirt when I don’t plan on going anywhere and i definitely don’t feel comfortable doing that with guests in the house.

So it’s fairly safe to say that I’m a selfish bitch when it comes to this house and as far as house guests go, it was lucky that Mr X’s parents were very low maintenance.

Firstly they brought their own place to sleep so we didn’t have to squeeze them in anywhere and secondly they are the kind of people who believe in helping with the cooking and cleaning of the household – another bonus since we already know how much I dislike preparing meals. Even their dog was too cute to be annoying and I actually didn’t mind it on the lounge, which under normal circumstances is a big no, no to me but she’s only a toy dog and she’s kept fairly clean so what the hell!

However their stay was only a 3 nights this time and loose plans have been made for them come again in the cooler months to stay for a couple of weeks to help instruct Mr X in building a verandah onto the back of our home.

I’m pretty sure I can deal with it but it’s still disconcerting having to share our pad with others, ensuring their comfortable, properly fed and watered and suitably entertained without getting irritated in the process.

I’m fairly certain Mr X’s parents don’t expect us to jump through hoops for them because they are adults themselves and quite capable of looking after their own needs but I felt guilty taking a couple of time outs over 2 days, how much would I need over 2 weeks?

I guess I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

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